Understand How To Export Mac Mail To Windows Outlook 2016

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In this era of multiple operating systems, migration from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2016 is a usual incident. Since the manual method of exporting Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2016 is a lengthy process, readers can use SysTools Mac MBOX Converter for easy migration.

In the current era, there are different operating systems used by organizations and individuals. Some people are using both Mac and Windows platforms, one for personal and the other for professional use. However, Mac Mail is the default email client which comes with the Mac OS and it stores its files in MBOX format. 

Also, MS Outlook is one of the finest email applications on Windows platform, which is used for both business and personal purposes. Moreover, there are many users who need to transfer their Mac mail data to Windows Outlook. Thus, it is necessary to know how to export Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2016. So, in this write-up, both manual and professional methods are mentioned. Users can choose one of these to perform the migration according to their needs.

Business Scenario

I am running a small IT company where all employees work on Mac Mail. Now, I want to switch from Mac OS to Windows. I tried manual method to move Mac Mail to Windows but it takes a long time, which affects my official work. So, I need a fast and trustworthy solution for conversion. Can you please suggest me any solution to migrate Mac Mail to Windows outlook 2016?”

How to Export Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2016 Manually?

A user has to follow these 2 approaches for Mac Mail to Outlook 2016 migrations:

  1. Export Mailbox from Mac Mail in MBOX 
  2. Move MBOX File to Outlook 2016

Step 1: Export Mailbox from Mac Mail in MBOX

  1. First of all, run Apple Mail program on your Mac OS
  2. Then, click on the File menu >> Import Mailboxes
  3. Under the Import data from, select either Files in MBOX format option or the program from where you need to import data
  4. Click on the Continue button to proceed further
  5. Now, click on the Choose button to browse the location of the MBOX file and then click the Continue tab
  6. Finally, click on the Done button after completing the export process.

Step 2: Move MBOX File to Outlook 2016

Once you have successfully exported the Apple Mail data in MBOX format, then you have to transfer MBOX file to PST format. If you want to move data from MBOX file to Outlook with 100% accuracy and do not want to lose information, then you can try SysTools Mac MBOX Converter software. It can easily convert multiple Mac MBOX to Outlook program without any trouble.

Why Choose SysTools Mac MBOX Converter?

As it is discussed in the above section, in a corporate environment, there are many times where Mac OS to Windows migration is required. However, in a company when there are lots of people working and they use manual or any other method to switch Mac Mail to Windows, it takes a lot of time and effort, and also affects the overall performance. 

In this fast growing technical arena, no one wants to go down in the race. So, it is much better to choose a proficient, reliable, and effectual SysTools Mac MBOX Converter software. It can easily convert Mac MBOX files to Outlook PST, EML, HTML and PDF file format. Apart from migration, the tool has certain advantages. Some of them are illustrated below:

  • Recover permanently deleted MBOX files along with attachments 
  • Convert and merge multiple MBOX files into single PST file format
  • No requirement to install MS Outlook application for migration
  • Option to auto-detect the location for configured email client data
  • It also has the facility to export Mac Mail to Microsoft Office 365 
  • Supports latest OS like Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 & all below versions

Wrapping Up

Most of the people are using both Mac and Windows platforms. So, after understanding the need for conversions in this article, we described how to export Mac Mail to Windows Outlook 2016. Through this blog, users can easily learn the manual and third-party solution of a migration procedure. But, the manual process is very lengthy and needs advanced technical skills, so an automated third-party solution is suggested to users for an effortless conversion. It works smoothly to convert Apple Mail MBOX file to Outlook PST format.


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