How To Hire an Android App Developers

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To hire android app developers, you need to know if the person you are looking for is suited for the job. When you surf the web for “Android app developers for hire” or anything close to that you will find results listing sites where programmers and their data and background is already included.

You have thought of a good project for an application in android and you have a gut feeling that it would be a successful project that will give you a lot of cash but you are neither a tech guy nor a programmer. So, now you are thinking of hiring an android app developer for your business. Luckily, the internet has a lot of android app programmers that you can hire as your android app developer.

Below are some tips to guide you when you hire android app developers:

Tips and Precautions when Hiring


    1. Learn the Languages

Before hiring, you should know what programming languages are used to create mobile applications. This will give you an idea of what to ask the person you are trying to hire and to know if he/she can create an application.

    2. Know your Platform

Learn about platforms and what your target platforms are to make an app. You can’t just hire an app developer without a platform so list down your projects to save time and money.

    3. Experience and Background

Check the background of the person you are hiring. Hire someone who knows their stuff, the person doesn’t need to be a top expert as long as he/she can provide a portfolio of past works so that you can see the quality and its function. You can also ask for samples of their code.

    4. The Concept of Product Design

An android app developer should have a good sense of product design. Look for someone who’s level is where you can assist and does not depend on the product manager. A developer who has experience in this can create apps that function professionally and are simple to use.

    5. Build a  Good Employee-Employer Relationship

Working with someone with a good relationship where you can freely talk like friends or such is not only good for your business but also for the comfort of both parties. Working with someone you don’t like or with someone you don’t get along well with will just get in the way of work.

Where to Look For App Developers

Anywhere is good, may it be on Social Media, Friends that are good with technology, Friends of Friends, Personal Connections, the Web, Newspapers, or Job Boards. As long as they could satisfy you with their works. Here are some of the places or sites where you can look for mobile app developers for hire:

  1. Upwork
  2. Guru
  3. Toptal
  4. Android Conference and Hackathons
  5. Xongolab
  6. Android Development Communities

The list above are just some of the places where you can look online, there are still a lot more out there but those are some of the best places to look for dedicated android app developers.

Author:Joe Richard
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