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Are you among those users who need to move email from Outlook to Office 365 or Exchange Online? Are you facing an issue in importing Outlook PST files or does not have an idea how to migrate PST file to Office 365? Then you will get an exact solution for all the queries in this blog.

Let’s start by introducing both the applications. MS Outlook creates PST files which are stored on the local machine of the user. While on the other hand Office 365 is a cloud-based messaging platform that enables a user to access data from anywhere and at any time. And because of these features, a user wants to import PST file to Office 365 Cloud. But the method involved in doing so is very intense, hence it is appropriate to start the blog by giving you the expert solution.

Expert advice to Import PST file to O365

After understanding the growing need to move email from Outlook to Office 365, experts have suggested to a third party professional tool. The software is specifically designed for these transfer of files which perform the complete migration with ease. A user can find many utilities available in the market but the best option is to use Office365Import PST tool. The product is the best choice or multiple PST file migration that too with great accuracy and efficiency.

Methods to Move Email from Outlook to Office 365

There are not many methods and techniques used to import PST files to O365. But with some approach, it can be done and a user can easily migrate bulk PST emails to Exchange online. One of the manual methods is discussed below.

Solution: Upload Outlook PST to Office 365 using Network Upload option

You need to follow the exact same procedure to achieve moving of Outlook PST file to office 365.

Step 1: Copy SAS URL and Install Azure AzCopy

SAS URL is a sequence of network URL that is used to store the location of Azure in Microsoft cloud and SAS key (Shared Access Signature Key) for your institution. The key is used to provide essential permission to move email from Outlook to the storage location of Azure.

Important: It is compulsory to use Azure AzCopy version 5.0 for successfully uploading/transferring of Outlook PST files. Moreover, the user must download the Azure AzCopy software from “Upload files over the network” page as follows.

  1. To begin with, Import PST files to the O365 procedure, go to
  2. Here sign-in to the office 365 by giving the credentials of an administrator account.
  3. Click on Data Governance option and Hit the Import button.
  4. From the import page, choose the option of Go to the Import Service.
  5. Here, you have to click on New Job and then on Upload Email Message (PST files)
  6. Once you click on the Upload files over the network the following page will be displayed.
  7. Select the Show network to upload SAS URL in prerequisite Step 2.
  8. Now copy the URL which is displayed and save it into a file.
  9. Similarly, in the prerequisite step 3, click on Download tool option and install the Azure Azcopy.
  10. From the pop-up window, click on Run button.
  11. While clicking on Cancel option to exit from Upload files over the network.

Step 2: Import Multiple PST file to Office 365

  1. First, open a Command Prompt on your system.
  2. Then go to the directory where AzCopy.exe is installed and then run the following command to migrate Outlook file to Office 365.

AzCopy.exe /Source: (Location of PST files) /Dest: (SAS URL) /V: (Log file location)

Step 3: View and verify the list of Outlook data files that are uploaded

This is an optional step to move email from Outlook to Office 365, where you just have to view the entire list of Outlook PST files that have been transferred. To do so you can just install the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer which is a free application.

Step 4: Create PST file for Importing Map files

After the PST files are successfully uploaded on the storage location, the next step is to create a comma separated value (.csv). These files indicate where the PST files will be imported to in user’s mailboxes.

Step 5: Now finally Move email from Outlook to Office 365

  1. Go to to Import PST files to O365.
  2. Sign in to Exchange online by providing credentials.
  3. Now, click on Data Governance and then click Import.
  4. Click on Go to import services from the import window
  5. In another page of import data, click on New Job i.e +sign and select upload email messages.
  6. On the page Upload files over the network, click on I am done uploading my files and enable the checkbox saying I have access to the mapping file, followed by the click on Next.
  7. Proceeding further type in PST import job, and then click Next.
  8. Now click on Add button in order to add PST Mapping
  9. Select the CSV file that appears in the list. Click on validate error for CSV file.
  10. Read the terms and condition and enable the checkbox.
  11. Click on Finish button to submit the job and to finally Import PST files to O365.

Limitations of Manual Approach

As you can see the manual method to move email from Outlook to Office 365 is a bit of complex procedure and require technical expertise. Every user cannot perform this procedure without any technical help or support which can be difficult to find. Secondly, any wrong step during the procedure can compromise the data integrity i.e higher rate of data loss in case of improper implementation. Moreover, the technique demands a lot of effort and time to migrate emails from Outlook. Hence a user must be sure about the procedure before implementing it.


The blog covers all possible solutions to move email from Outlook to Office 365 or Exchange Online. Using the above-discussed methods a user can easily import or migrate Outlook PST file to Office 365. The user can opt for a free manual solution or use the direct approach to overcome all limitations and issues with the manual solution.

Clark KentSoftware Engineer cum Blogger

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Is it possible to import the .PST directly into the Users Archived mailbox so it doesn't counted towards the quota ?
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Yes, it is possible by Office365Import Tool. For more info:

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