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Top Email Backup Solution by SysTools – Check it Out!

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Email Backup Solution by SysTools to backup/export multiple Email Client's mailboxes and save it on the local system, network, hard drive or any other external storage media.

In this digital world, most people are dependent on email clients for communication purposes. There are numerous email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail, Office 365 etc. Nowadays, emails act as the backbone of most companies for communication purposes. Sometimes, due to unintentional deletion, hardware malfunction, intentional deletion, malicious software etc. users face serious data loss. Therefore, to protect data from getting lost it is important to have a good backup plan.

But when it comes to email clients the situation can become worse. If a user unintentionally deletes data or malicious users try to delete important emails, all your data is lost. In these situations, only one thing can save the user from data loss that is email backup. If the user has created an email backup then he/she can restore the lost data. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to discuss top email backup solutions introduced by SysTools using which allows users to protect their data from getting lost.

Need For Email Backup

By creating an email backup the user is protecting his/her data. When the user creates the backup of all the data including emails, contacts etc. then he/she indirectly creates a copy of data. When data items are changed or deleted, having their copies gives a chance to restore lost data. There are many organizations whose whole communication process rely on the email client. For them, it is important to create email client mailbox backup on regular basis. All in all creating backups prevents data loss situations. The user can easily create email backup by selecting a smart and automated solution. In the section given below we are going to discuss top email backup solution by SysTools, So, that the user can create a backup of their email client’s data in a seamless manner.

Finest Email Backup Solutions by SysTools

SysTools always focus on the pain points of the users. Therefore, they have introduced some reliable and efficient solutions using which the user can easily create the backup of the various email client’s data.

SysTools Zoho Mail Backup

Zoho Backup Tool is a complete email backup solution for all the Zoho users. The utility allows the user to create Zoho mail backup in multiple file formats supported by different email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc. With Zoho Backup software the user can easily create a backup of all the Zoho mailbox items such as Inbox, Drafts, Trash etc. in a simple way. The user can also pause and resume the backup process according to his/her requirements. The tool also permits the user to create the backup of individual user accounts all at once. With this software, the user can also clean up the server storage space, once the backup is created. The user can easily work with this utility as it has easy to use interface.

Price: $19

SysTools AOL Backup

With AOL Backup utility the user can easily save and export all the AOL emails into the hard drive/system in various file formats such as PST / EML/ MBOX etc. The user can easily create the single account back up for Inbox, Sent Items, Trash etc. Additionally, the utility also provides an option to customize the internet bandwidth. No technical expertise is required to work with it. The utility is compatible with America Online 9.7 / 9.6 / 9.5 / 9 and all the below versions. The user can create AOL email backup by selecting emails according to the date range. This will help the user to backup only required data. One can also export AOL emails to different email clients such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail etc.

Price: $49

SysTools Office 365 Backup and Restore

Office 365 Backup and Restore utility, allows the user to backup the complete Office 365 account’s data. With this tool, the user can create the backup of emails, contacts, calendar. The user can save the time by transferring multiple user accounts at a time. One can also select the naming convention according to his/her convenience. When the user wants to backup some selected emails then he/she can select them at the time of backup. Moreover, one can also create backup according to the date range. This helps the user to backup only the essential data. The utility also allows the user to download or backup Office 365 mailbox data to different file formats such as PST and EML.

Price: $19

SysTools Hotmail Backup

With Hotmail Backup software, the user easily creates the backup of all the Hotmail account emails to his/her system. The user can choose the folder which he/she want to export. Additionally, if the user wants to backup emails of the specific date range then he/she can also do the same. The user can easily backup all the Hotmail account emails into multiple file types such as PST, MSG, EML etc in as seamless manner. The user can also control the network bandwidth according to his/her necessities. The utility is designed with the user-friendly interface which makes easy for the user to understand the functionality of the tool. The software also allows the user to create Outlook.com backup in a simplified manner.

Price: $39

SysTools Gmail Email Backup Solution

For the users who want to backup emails, contacts, calendars etc. from their Gmail account then Email Backup solution by SysTools for Gmail is perfect for them. The user can easily backup the complete Gmail account’s data to export and save it into multiple file formats such as MBOX, PST, EML / EMLX etc. for both Win & Mac OS. The user can also clean up the server space after the backup process. The user need stop the backup process, in this case, he/she can resume it again this will save the time. In addition to it, the user can also manage the internet bandwidth according to his/her needs. The user can create the backup of the Gmail account and then export Gmail emails to PST and other file formats that can be easily opened into different email clients such as MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.

Price: $29

SysTools Yahoo Backup

If a user wants to download of all the Yahoo emails to his/her computer system then SysTool Yahoo Backup is the best choice. The tool allows the user to export all the Yahoo emails to Outlook PST/ Thunderbird MBOX /MSG etc. Moreover, the user can download/ export Yahoo emails to computer, local machine, USB, and hard drive. The user can take backup of selective Yahoo emails by applying date filter. The user can also set Internet bandwidth and time slot. The user can backup Yahoo emails in a smooth way with this utility. The software allows the user to delete the emails after the backup process, this helps to free up server space. 

Price: $49

SysTools Google Apps Email Backup

Sometimes, the user to need backup G Suite data in bulk. Therefore, the user opts Google Apps Backup utility as the user can easily create a backup of complete G Suite data with no file size limitation. The utility stores the contacts, calendars in vCard, ICS format respectively. To save the time the user can also download some specific folder to the computer system, hard drive etc from Google Apps user mailbox. The user can create the backup in two ways using this tool that are Single User Account and Domain User Backup. This email backup solution for Gsuite permits the user to migrate Google apps emails in 4 different file formats that are EML, PST, MBOX, MSG etc.

Price: $19


Creating email backup is very important as it helps the user to protect the data in case of any accidental deletion, etc. Most of the users are not able to find the reliable solution to backup data from various email clients. Therefore, in the above section, we have introduced some email backup solutions using which the user can easily create the backup of emails in a hassle free way.

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by:mary james
recently used SysTools Google Apps Backup Solution demo version mentioned in the top email backup solution for creating backup, Software allowed me to create export only 100 emails. For 100 emails the speed of backup creation was perfect and all the file were converted to .pst format. but what if I want to back up more than 9,000 emails and hundreds of contacts using this software?
Will the speed of backup differ?

Since one of my employee is leaving the organisation and i wanted to create back up of all his emails and contacts data for future references. I was thinking about trying this tool as it gives delete after download option that will save my time of deleting the data from the account.

Please, Anyone here assist me for the same!!!


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