Protect Your Business With 5 Social-Media Security Tips

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Keeping businesses intact and secure is a skill which individuals lack. All you need is 5 social security tips to start to turn things around

No doubt the Internet came as a blessing, as an evolving platform which is bringing us numerous possibilities. All these advancements in communications and businesses wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the Internet. That is how the world progressed, but with progression, it brought challenges as well, especially if you are among those who run a business.

But they say the internet is more problematic than a savior as it brought more troubles to those who are connected to the internet over a network plan, or through Wi-Fi. How? The Internet is filled with cybercriminals seeking opportunities to access your private information with the sole aim to mess with your financial resources. Then again, these obstacles did not stop the average user from using social media to its utmost. Not just users but it benefit small and medium-sized businesses as well.

Nowadays businesses are playing it smart by integrating social media into their strategies which has a better reach towards the masses. Social media gives your business an edge over other businesses and corporations, but it has its drawbacks as well. There are quite a handful of social media platforms which provide robust security, while others are weak towards hacks and cyber-attacks. Businesses yet haven’t realized the real danger behind these websites. It's better to be safe than sorry, check out these social media security tips to help keep your business safe.

1. Limit Access

Have you ever tried to find the number of employees accessing your social media? It’s obvious you don’t keep a track record of it. But the more people have access to something means the risk involved is much higher. What you can do is to limit the access of social media to a handful of people that manage all your social media accounts. Apps such as Buffer and Hootsuite makes life more relaxed than ever as it gives easy handling to schedule posts, notification handling, sponsors and other accounts.

By doing this only one person will have access to the social media and no one needs to find any information regarding it, limiting chances of security breaks. This way you have better idea and information about who has access. You do not want any new employee or random person with critical information on your social media accounts leading to leaks. By having some or an account manager to deal with your accounts, every password will be maintained and changed on time as required.

2. Set Alerts on Suspicious Activity

Malware and viruses are like cancer which spreads slowly and gradually. If the leak is found at an earlier stage then a lot can be avoided. It can be done by keeping tabs on your account to get notified about every activity that takes place. One of the easiest ways is to download an intrusion detection system on your device whose primary purpose is to alert when a mysterious action takes place, or unauthorized access to your online accounts.

That’s where an app like LogDog comes into play and becomes handy, although it's just available for all Android devices for now. If you’ve heard of a watchdog, then LogDog fulfills that purpose to your online accounts that continuously scans all your accounts for suspicious activities. As soon as it detects a breach, it alerts you instantly to have the edge over the cybercriminals.

3. Use Security and Antivirus Software

I’m sure you are aware of an antivirus. Here we are talking about business regimes, but everyday ordinary devices require an antivirus to protect them from malware. But for businesses social media accounts, security as thick as a tank to counter externalities. Viruses and malware can slip through the strongest of firewalls, and if you don’t have any security program, then you are keeping your business at critical risk. A lot can be damaged and penetrated if a good antivirus is not present.

Nothing provides 100% protection, but it's better to have more and more layers of security such as an antivirus. But having an antivirus alone won’t make a difference. You need to keep the antivirus updated and in check non-stop. If you don’t do that, then there is a high chance that malware and viruses can get through your security.

Just as the internet is evolving and changing its dimensions, likewise hackers and viruses are moving up their game to penetrate your accounts. It’s essential to guard your social media accounts before your account gets hacked.

4. Get ahold of a VPN

Businesses nowadays are becoming online, and the chance of cyber theft is a possibility. At times when your business blossoms, unwanted hackers have eyes on it. They try to follow all your business steps and policies looking for a moment to strike. Moments like these it’s important to get off the grid and stay low until the time hackers disperse. For that, you need a VPN. A VPN will let you surf the web anonymously.

By having a VPN, your business accounts will surf the web with ease as all your online traffic will be routed through a different IP address that will mask all your traffic, making your real IP address hidden and secure. It also provides end-to-end encryption making all your online activities bulletproof. But for that, you need to check out the best VPN for fastest internet speed that will make you fly while performing business activities online.

5. Train IT Staff Accordingly

People assume being a social media executive is child’s play and anyone can do it. They aren't aware that it's much more than just clicks of a button. Much thought and strategies regarding brand positioning and target markets require extensive knowledge beforehand, and if a competitor or a third person gets ahold of this info could lead to a significant loss for the business.

Which is why Social Media Executives SMEs and IT personnel should go through extensive training before they are trusted with handling social media accounts. Training including how to handle if an alert springs up of a suspicious activity.

Final Words

Web-based businesses run merely on the basis of their business dealings online. From handling stock to targeting advertisements to consumers. It's highly critical for any company to keep their social media accounts intact and in check to prevent any security leaks online or cyber theft. A businesses core achievement is when it stands out from the crowd. It's essential only when it keeps its data and business tactics safe.

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