An Ultimate Guide for How to Convert Apple Mail to PDF Format Easily

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This article is about conversion from Apple mail to PDF, where a user needs to migrate from Mac Mail to PDF. Here, Mac MBOX Converter plays a vital role for conversion from Apple Mail to PDF.

One client of our company has been sent me some email messages in my Apple Mail. As these emails hold some crucial information about our organization hence, I want to make these documents read-only. For this, I need to save these emails as PDF. However, I do not know that how to convert Apple Mail to PDF with attachments. Can somebody assist me with any technique to resolve this problematic situation? Thank you!”

Just like above-mentioned user query, there are several other users who are searching for a solution to the same issue. Yet, the conversion of Mac Mail to PDF is not an easy task. Therefore, we have come up with this problem-tackling blog. Here, we will introduce users to some simple and actually working techniques to export emails from Mac Mail to PDF. Yet, before going to the solution section it is essential to understand the scenario more clearly, along with the reasons.

Apple Mail is known as and is an email application included with the Mac OS, iOS, and watch OS. It saves email messages in an MBOX file format. There are many situations where users may want to export their emails from Apple Mail. For this, most of the users choose PDF file format. It is so because PDF is an independent file format that is compatible with multiple applications. The following lists some reasons why users may want to convert Apple Mail to PDF.

Reasons to Export Apple Mail Messages to PDF

  •  PDF maintains the formatting of the document 
  •  Password protection can be applied   
  •  PDF provides Document-Level Security 
  •  Compression of PDF file is substantial 
  •  Contrast the JPEG, TIFF, GIF file format

Due to all the above reasons, users mostly prefer PDF file format.

Techniques to Convert Apple Mail to PDF

Basically, there are two methods to export emails from Mac Mail as PDF i.e., manual and automatic. If you have various emails to convert then, you can directly go the professional solution.

#1: Manual Approach


  •  First, open the email message you want to convert into PDF 
  • Now, click on the File tab and click on Save As. Or, you can directly click on the Save icon 
  • In Save As box, enter a name for the output file to continue the conversion of Apple Mail to PDF


Give a different name to the PDF file than the original document. Doing this will provide two different files: a word file to which you can edit and a PDF file to share

  •  In the File Format section, click on PDF option 
  • Eventually, click on the Export button

After this, your Apple Mail message will be converted into PDF file format.


As the manual procedure seems very easy yet, it comprises various flaws. Some of them are mentioned below:

  •  Cannot convert emails in bulk 
  •  Technical expertise required 
  •  Time-consuming techniques

# 2: Advanced Approach


To make the Apple Mail to PDF conversion procedure simple and easy we recommend users to utilize a trusted third-party application. Mac MBOX Converter is an eminent way to convert Apple Mail MBOX to PDF without any inconvenience. It maintains the integrated structure and properties of email messages during and after conversion. 

The tool can convert multiple Mac MBOX files into PDF at once via its Folder option. It keeps inline images and HTML formatting in the email body and provides naming convention with email filtering options. The best thing about this software is that it is compatible with all latest versions of Mac OSX.

The Final Note

Sometimes data conversion becomes necessary to continue the workflow. Just like this, in some circumstances, users require to export apple mail to pdf format. Nevertheless, they may not know how to convert Apple Mail to PDF. In order to resolve their query, we have discussed two effortless solutions for the same. Now, users can opt for any method according to their necessities and preferences.  


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