Exchange 2007 - Transport Service fails to start !

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SMTP Service is not required in Exchange Server 2007, so it NNTP. It has been announced many a times, that enabling SMTP service creates unwanted problems.

If your Transport Service does not start on the Hub Transport Server and you find any or both of these errors in the Event Viewer

Event ID: 1032 | Event Source: MSExchange TransportService
Event ID: 1036 | Event Source: MSExchange TransportService
then you got to look at your SMTP Service and remove it.

Steps to be followed:
Hub Transport Server | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Windows Components | Application Server | Internet Information Services (IIS) | Uncheck SMTP Service | Click Ok

Once SMTP Service is removed, go ahead and restart Microsoft Exchange Transport service.

Nitin Gupta (gupnit)
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