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Today most organizations have shifted their work to the cloud. In every corner of the world, users are making use of cloud services which can increase cyber attacks. None of us are secure from cyber attacks and data breaches. These issues provided an opportunity for Cloud Security Companies.

There would be few organizations that haven’t shifted their work to cloud these days. In each and every corner of the world, users are making use of online resources which in turn increases security challenges. With the increase in cloud security threats and demand for solutions, the emergence of cloud security companies took place in recent years.

In general, cloud computing security means the protection of online data from hacking, data breaches, Cyber threats, etc. It is possible to develop such security with a group of software, policies, firewalls, technologies, and every single thing that renders online information protection. The companies based on cloud security offers all of these features in a business environment, and enable them to work safely with online resources. 

“What are the aspects of a best cloud security vendor?” is not at all a simple question to answer. Really, it is tough to pick the best cybersecurity ventures from the tons available in the digital market. This blog is an outline of the top cloud security companies that have the capability to prevent their client's data from occasional  Cyberattacks.

List of the Best Cloud Security Providers

Choosing a suitable cloud data protection vendor is completely dependent on the company’s awareness. First, businesses should address their security requirements and controls, and then only, enter the market to select the top cloud security company:

1. CloudCodes Cloud Security – This cybersecurity venture has the trust of millions of business customers around the world. 

CloudCodes is popular because of its instant services and handling of data by certified security experts. It renders ‘on door’ facilities to its customers, attempting to give hackers not even one minute to attack with cyber threats. 

Different security control levels are used by providers to protect online assets present within the network.

  • Visualize the cloud and compare it with defined behavioral baseline
  • Having capability of detecting anomalies and all associated events
  • Automatically consolidates with cloud service providers to protect accounts
  • Leaves no place for online threats to hide because it sees what others can’t
  • No hardware re-sizing or configuration is needed to deploy CloudCodes venture

2. Alcide Cloud Security – This cybersecurity venture offers a big picture, real-time and granular visibility of an organization’s digital infrastructure and programs. It works for protecting the IT environment configuration that comprises of containers and serverless programs. 

Alcide safeguards the multi-cloud networks and reveals blind spots from them.

  • Program multi-variable and dynamic security policies
  • Detect each and every application used within the network 
  • Enable clients to tailor the provisioning and security policies
  • Superior cloud data visibility – empowering for DevOps 
  • Threat detection system works on machine learning concept

3. Aporeto Security Vendor – This one of the best cloud security vendors carry out a zero trust model for cloud data protection of their business clients. 

It adopts tools that are associated with vulnerability data detection, identity context, network security, threat monitoring, and behavioral analysis. Aporeto enforces advance encryption and authentication policies for the corporate world. The team regularly works on improving the security visibility and enhancing protection capabilities.

  • Provide automatic granular API access control for microservices
  • Threat detection and information security vulnerability management
  • Handles the workload isolation without hampering the present network
  • Perform secret and out-of-the-box management for microservices
  • Rated as 2nd in Gartner Cool vendor cloud security 2018

4. Cloudvisory Security Platform – A cloud security governance platform is rendered by this cloud data protection company. It is to protect online as well as micro-cloud IT environments. The solution delivers centralized management for online security, micro-segmentation, and implements compliance for different phases.

  • Uncover the cybersecurity risk in a minute by discovering, visualization, and audit operations
  • Add cloud-native policies that give alerts, identify threats, and fix cyberthreats in multi-cloud, hybrid deployment.
  • Automatic cloud-native micro-segmentation and policy orchestration for guaranteeing the immutable security
  • Identify and immediately resolves the risks, policy violations, compliance breaks, and even isolates the compromised workloads

5. Luminate Cloud Security – This cloud data protection company renders a quick, secure, and simple way to manage corporate online resources. Customers can easily adjust their business activities with this solution in no time. It permits the IT team to develop an architecture with “Zero trust application access” for their cloud platform. This helps in handling cloud platforms, eliminating attack surfaces, and enhancing visibility. 

Periodically, Luminate cloud security modifies the corporate compliance efforts.

  • Secured connectivity services to online resources hosted on hybrid, public, or private cloud
  • Consolidated working platform for all applications, placed on any platform, accessed from any location with any device
  • Provides flexibility to the industry by utilizing cloud resources and fulfilling business requirements
  • Updates its compliance and policies with increasing cybercrimes

Observational Verdict

So here we are done with the top cloud security companies of the year 2018. All of them have proven themselves leaders in their respective fields. It is always quite risky to adopt an untested cybersecurity venture so, never adopt a vendor service without testing its trial version. In the end, we only want to give one suggestion that be updated with recent security knowledge because it will help you in getting a better solution for your business.


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