Okta Vs CloudCodes: Understand and Then Choose Correct One For Your Business

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Choose the IAM SSO software with confidence. Learn the comparison between two trending SSO service providers i.e., Okta vs CloudCodes. Ensure that you have analyzed the cloud data security requirements for your business and then, go for the vendor selection process.

One of the hot topics in the IT domain has been the IAM market for web-based SSO (Single Sign-On) application. Around 50+ SaaS products are used by enterprises, whether they are small, big, or medium. This means that there will be no confusion in saying that IT administrators are seeking for SSO solution-as-a-service for cloud security and user access management. 

Nowadays, there are two major players in the market of SSO i.e., Okta and CloudCodes. Both of them provide solutions for popular cloud services like Microsoft Office 365, Google Suite, Salesforce, etc. So what to do now? It is a difficult task for enterprises worldwide to choose the best solution for their workstations. So, we decided to come in front with this post on Okta vs CloudCodes. This is not a means to advertise any of the SSO solutions but, to help customers in making the correct decision for their business benefit.

Overview and Comparison Between CloudCodes and Okta

A tabular form of comparison is demonstrated in this article to make readers aware of the basic features offered by Okta and CloudCodes.

Comparison Attribute
A consolidated IAM service, which offers flexibility while working.
A consolidated CASB (Cloud Access Service Broker) solution, which uses preventive measures against cyber attacks.
Business Size
Okta provides a solution for large, small, and medium enterprises.
CloudCodes renders its CASB solution to all category of business i.e., small, medium, and large
Available Integrations
The solution comprises of application interfaces, which enables its customers to customize several solutions. The package includes more than 5,500 integrations with 3 rd party applications. Few of them are – Slack, Workday, Splunk, Amazon Web Service, etc.
CloudCodes integrates with the below-listed cloud services:
  • MS Office 365
  • G Suite
  • Dropbox
  • Zoho
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk 
  • JIRA, and many more

Features Provided
Following features are rendered by this SSO solution:
  • Adaptive MFA
  • Single Sign-on
  • Universal Directory
  • API Access Management
  • Lifecycle Management

CloudCodes provides the following business cloud data protection solutions to its clients:
  • Access Control
  • Cloud computing data loss prevention policies
  • Single Sign-on
  • Identity Access Management
  • Shadow IT
  • Mobile Device Management

Available Plans
Okta IAM solution is a complete package of cloud-based IAM. Every product rate is different and you can find them on their official website.
SMB and firm costing for CloudCodes are rendered only after having a conversation with official executives. This SSO vendor website had provided a plan description, which is you can see at CloudCodes official website.

Learning More About the Okta Identity Cloud Solution

This IAM with cloud SSO solution is a foundation to establish a secure connection in between the technology and people. They help organizations by doing three main things – Prevent data leakage, build customer experiences, and modernize IT. Okta provides a solution to all industries that lie in the category of healthcare, energy, education, government, non-profit, technology, financial services. The solutions are different on the basis of the business categories. It allows enterprises to protect and manage their extended business and change the customers’ experience.

CloudCodes CASB Solution – A Priest for Cloud Security


CloudCodes provides a complete package of solutions to deal with cloud data protection. Not only identity access management or Single Sign-on is provided by this solution but, other preventive measures are also included. The principle of the cloud is ‘anytime, anywhere, and with any device’. 

The team of CloudCodes thinks the entire computing scenario from an enterprise’s point of view and then decide for an authorized device, approved geolocation, and authenticated devices. Here, the enterprise is the one who is the current customer of CloudCodes. Single Sign-on is the core part of CloudCodes solution because it creates a top security layer on cloud software. Business authorities are allowed to expand their security controls beyond the defined boundary. In today’s date, there are more than 300 clients from all around the world who have trust in security on CloudCodes. This CASB solution gives data protection to all industries like e-shopping, healthcare, bank, automobile, pharmaceuticals, aviation, retail, etc.

Alike the cloud storage pricing, CloudCodes also works on the principle of ‘pay what you use’. This is the reason why it has not mentioned the particular cost for its solution. A conversation between the customer and a CloudCodes executive enables this SSO solution to decide what all the client’s needs are and price them accordingly, only for what they need. Business customers do not have to pay extra charges for the security solutions which they are not going to be using in their work.


At this point, we are done with Okta vs CloudCodes comparison. It might be possible that organizations do not find both of them suitable and go for a third vendor. So in the end, we only want to end up the article by saying that ‘first deeply analyze things where your business demands security and then, enter the marketplace to choose the solution.

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Tejas AmbekarWeb Designer & SEO Specialist

Cloud security is a major issue and enterprises have to deal with it seriously. CloudCodes CASB solutions acts as that needed security link between the cloud and the enterprises. It helps them negate the data risks so that they focus solely on productivity. Okta offers SSO, Identity management, and some basic access control features, whereas, CloudCodes offers advanced cloud security. With efficient CloudCodes CASB solutions, enterprises can not only secure their sensitive data, but also achieve compliance challenges. The CloudCodes CASB solutions for cloud data security offered highly advanced, but not so expensive, whereas, Okta offers Identity solution, which is expensive. In comparison with Okta vs CloudCodes, CloudCodes CASB solutions offer a varied range of benefits and for sure it is better than Okta Identity solution.

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