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OneLogin and CloudCodes are trending cloud SSO solution vendors in the market. Now a question arises that ‘which one to choose?’ Well, here are we to reduce your confusion and help you in choosing the best, with this respective post on OneLogin vs CloudCodes.

Alone, the Single Sign-On solution cannot be enough to compete with trending Cyberattacks of 2018 or coming ones. A complete package of cloud security solutions is required for prevention against recent Cyber threats. It is true that these vendors are needed for today’s enterprises because it is impossible for normal IT workers to establish a strong online data protection environment. Things can become complicated when industries enter into the market and search for a suitable cloud security solution provider. 

We understand this pain point of each and every business person. Therefore, we suggest you perform deep analyzes of OneLogin and CloudCodes solutions, rather than going for all the others in the crowd. Each of the two approaches is the trust of millions of worldwide business users and are a cost-effective solution too. However, the problem is not yet fixed! 

You still have to choose one of the two recommended solutions. This OneLogin vs CloudCodes comparison-based article is aimed to make users aware of the functionality of each vendor. Seekers can then match their requirements list with the solution and then, adopt the most appropriate one for their work.

Comparison Table on OneLogin Vs CloudCodes

Comparison Aspect
OneLogin IAM solution brings speed in performance and holds business data integrity with SSO and IAM advanced approaches.
CloudCodes SSO solution benefits its clients by providing out-of-box security access controls. These controls give features like Browser restrictions, Device restrictions, Geo Location restrictions, etc., in its software.
Integration Platforms
OneLogin solution consolidates with the following business platforms:
  • Trello
  • Samanage
  • Greenhouse
  • BambooHR
  • Litmos LMS
  • Clarizen
  • NimbleSchedule, and many more

CloudCodes CASB solution integrates with the following cloud platforms:
  • Google Suite
  • MS Office 365
  • Dropbox
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • Zoho
  • Freshdesk, and more

Pricing Plans
Four SMB and enterprise pricing plans for end users are offered by this SSO leading solution. Interested candidates can visit the official website for more information.
‘Pay for what you need’ - This principle is adopted by CloudCodes team for the payment purpose. First, it renders a demo for interested users so that they can check whether the solution meets their demands or not. When customers get satisfied with the demo, they can get in touch with the CloudCodes executive for pricing and other proceedings.
Basic Features
Below listed features are rendered by OneLogin solution:
  • Cloud Directory
  • VPN Integration
  • Standard Reports
  • Advance Password Reset
  • On-prem provisioning
  • Custom Field and Mapping and many more

Following are the basic features, which are provided by CloudCodes vendor:
  • Anti-phishing
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Self Password
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Apps Controlling
  • Reports, and many more

Supported OS
OneLogin provides a solution to clients who are making use of Linux, Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, etc., operating systems.
CloudCodes CASB with SSO solution is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, iPhone/iPad, Web-based, and Mac operating systems.

OneLogin Solution


OneLogin increases the SaaS functionality of identity-as-a service for allowing customers to have control over web applications. The solution covers the applications that are hosted at the remote data centers, on-premises, and in private clouds. 

Its desktop application enrolls the client PC with the predefined directory of OneLogin Cloud and establishes a secure platform on the machine. The desktop application can only be accessed by entering Cloud Directory login credentials. Its authentication approach utilizes machine learning concepts, which analyze a wide range of inputs. This technique helps in calculating the risk reports and hence, identify whether to ask employees for MFA or not. OneLogin SSO solution requires only one credential to secure and access several web-based cloud applications.

CloudCodes CASB Solution

As discussed in the beginning section of this blog, SSO or IAM solutions alone are not enough to prevent data breaches. This is because Cyber hackers are updating their hacking tricks depending on which bundles of security plans they have adopted in order to secure their confidential content. With CloudCodes, you are not only getting an SSO solution but, also benefiting yourself with other main cloud data protection features like:

  • Shadow IT cloud security
  • Mobile device management
  • Access control solutions
  • Protection on Shared Drive
  • DLP cloud protection policies

The CloudCodes solution replaces several screens to manage security and provides one consolidate screen. From this consolidated screen, one can enable all the required security tasks. Apart from all this, a real-time data monitoring automated approach is also available from the vendor. 

This monitoring enables business administrators to determine that which employee is using which business content, what activities are carried away on that business file, at what time the content is getting accessed, and from which Geolocation. A deep record is maintained by the CloudCodes CASB to monitor the activities that employees perform on business content. This will help business authorities to analyze the behavior of their working staff.


A brief comparison on OneLogin vs CloudCodesis has been rendered in this post. Now it is your decision with which to go for and apply to your business. 

At last, we only want to conclude by saying that ‘Choosing an accurate security solution vendor plays a vital role in business development. So be careful while the selection procedure and do not hurry while making this type of decision!’

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