Is Google Getting Smarter Than You? How Machine Learning is Changing Our World

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How Machine Learning Is Changing Our World

Since its launch in 1998, Google has grown into an in industry-leading resource for marketing to consumers around the world. The firm's web crawler indexes billions of websites, allowing Internet users to easily find information. The firm's artificial intelligence (AI) technology and algorithms set the standard for search engine optimization (SEO). 

Google’s technology allows consumers around the world to find websites, images, and directions. Competition is fierce among enterprises to rank at the top of search results. Google helps businesses rank higher in their search engine results by providing free resources, such as their proprietary analytics platform.

Using a simple search box, Internet users can find information easily by using the Google search engine. Today's consumers use Google for everything from entertainment to research. Innovations created by firms such as Google are transforming the learning environment, preparing students for the future and creating new opportunities. The technology empowers special needs students and helps all kinds of students learn better. 

The search engine even makes suggestions when consumers misspell words and uses a powerful algorithm to display search suggestions after users had inputted only a few characters. Education is easier and more accessible than ever before. From anywhere in the world, Internet users can find information almost instantaneously using Google’s proprietary browser.

The Rapid Growth of the Data Science Career Track

Google and similar firms are the staging ground for the launch of the latest advanced technologies, such as big data systems and artificial intelligence (AI). Google allows researchers to learn important trends about consumers by collecting, gathering and researching the information generated from millions of daily Internet search engine queries. 

In recent years, firms such as Google and Amazon have recognized that the information that they gather harbours a wealth of opportunity and are investing in technologies to gain an advantage in the field. As an example, Google recently purchased DeepMind, a technology firm that specializes in AI technology that efficiently sorts through enormous amounts of information.

In the beginning, only large corporations had the resources to take advantage of these kinds of innovations, but as the technology matures, small- to midsized businesses are gaining access to this innovative resource. Now these firms can harness the power of big data technology through third-party vendors. The process of taking large amounts of information and turning it into meaningful reports is complex and challenging. Resultingly, United States enterprises need skilled professionals, such as data scientists, who have the ability to work with these powerful technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the World

Computers are getting smarter. Using cloud-based technologies and advanced processors, businesses have access to a powerful new level of artificial intelligence resources. Engineers now use AI technology to teach computers how to think autonomously. Researchers have developed machine learning technology, which allows computers to make autonomous decisions using artificial intelligence based on information gathered while completing previous tasks. 

This advanced innovation analyzes complex algorithms to uncover information and make decisions without human intervention. Today's consumers have witnessed this technology in action through self-driving cars, personalized social media news feeds and intuitive retail shopping cart suggestions.

The amazing machines made possible by artificial intelligence technology are in use for many consumer and commercial applications across the nation. Some theorists, however, question the relationship that man will have with machines in the future. 

Supporters of the technology believe that man will always have an advantage over computers and that, ultimately, artificial intelligence will make human beings smarter. While naysayers and advocates debate the pros and cons of AI, American enterprises are increasingly and rapidly implementing advanced artificial intelligence and big data analysis systems. As this occurs, business leaders are looking for workers with a new kind of skill set; there’s a growing demand for personnel with STEM training.

The World Needs STEM Professionals

STEM education is helping society keep up with rapid advances in technology. In the classroom, students learn with an integrated focus on the four disciplines of STEM; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The learning track is producing graduates who can fulfil the needs of America's technology demands. As more firms incorporate advanced technologies, the skill set will increase in importance. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor reports that 15 of the 20 fastest growing careers require STEM skills.

In the future, society will look radically different, as smart machines take over many jobs. As time goes on, machines will grow smarter and prove more beneficial. One day, robots could become self-aware, possess inalienable rights and take responsibility for monitoring and managing important aspects of society. These possibilities have many scientists excited about the possibilities of the future.


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