Migrate Office 365 Data to Zoho Mail : 3 Step Migration Technique

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In this article, we have come up with a step by step procedure to migrate Office 365 data to Zoho Mail using SysTools Office 365 Backup and Zoho Mail Migration Wizard.

There are numerous email services used by the users across the world. People select an email service as per the organization’s and employees need. Sometimes there is a need to migrate data from one email client to another email client. Here in this article, we are focusing on topic Office 365 to Zoho migration.

Zoho Mail offers various features for business and professional usage. Like email transaction, document collaboration, and other beneficial features. Sometimes, the O365 users need to migrate Office 365 data to Zoho Mail due to multiple reasons. But they are not able to find a reliable solution to move emails from O365 to Zoho. Step by step procedure to migrate from Office 365 to Zoho Mail.

Migrate Office 365 Data to Zoho Mail


Migrating Office 365 mailbox to Zoho is a 3 - step process using SysTools. First, the user needs to extract Office 365 data into PST file format using an automated solution. The software will create the backup of Office 365 data and then extract it in PST format. Finally, can migrate the PST files into Zoho.

  •  Create the backup of Office 365 data 
  •  Export Office 365 backed up data into PST file format 
  •  Zoho Migration tool to Import PST to Zoho Mail

Step 1:  Create Backup of O365 Data using Office 365 Backup Tool

  1.  First, download and install SysTools Office 365 Backup software on your system and launch it.

  2.   Now, click on the Account option and enter the required Office 365 username and password. Click on the Authenticate button. You will be redirected to new windows. Where you have to enter username and password to verify login

  3. In the Categories option, you can select Mail and Documents to create the backup. If needed apply Date filter to backup Office 365 within the particular date range.

  4. You can also apply Document Extension Filters by selecting Include Extension option and Exclude Extension option.

  5. After all the selections, click on the Next button. Now, in the Schedule option, select Backup Now option  

  6. In the Backup Path option, you have to select the desired location to save the backed up data. Click on the Finish button to start the backup process.  

Now, the user needs to export the Office 365 backed up data into PST file format. For this, move to the step 2.

Step 2: Export Data to PST File Format – Office 365 Backup Tool

  1.  After the completion of the backup process, click on the Export button on the Office 365 Backup software to backup office 365 mailbox to PST.

  2.  Now, you will be able to view all the Office 365 backed up emails and documents. Select data you want to backup.  

  3. Next, browse Path and select the location where you want to save resultant Outlook PST file.

  4. If you don’t want a large PST file (Chances of corruption is more) by clicking on the Advanced Settings option, you can select Split PST After option.

  5. After the selection, click on the Apply button and click on the Export button for Office 365 Zoho migration

Follow Step 3 to complete the process for migrating from Office 365 to Zoho Mail.

Step 3: Move PST Files to Zoho Mail

  1. First, execute the file ZohoMigrationWizard.exe from Zoho\Zoho Exchange Migration\bin folder, under the installation path or launch the Wizard using the desktop shortcut.

  2. Now, in the Select Migration type dialog box, select the Email and Other Data Migration from Exchange/PST/EML.

  3.  After that, you need to enter the Zoho Mail credentials. In the Migration For option, select Self if you are not an admin and click on the Login button.

  4.  In the Migration option, you have to select PST Migration option and Click on Next button.

  5. Click Browse button to select the folder where you have saved the PST files

  6. Now, a list of PST files stored for this user will appear on the screen

  7. If you want to eliminate specific folders from the migration process, then you can expand the folder list and deselect them. Click on the Next button

  8. In the Migration Data option, select the data which you need to migrate to Zoho account

  9. By default, all the parameters are selected. In the Edit option, you can edit the preferences as per your choice

  10. You can also migrate the emails according to a particular data range. After that click on the Apply Changes for Selected Users 

  11. Click on the Start Migration option to begin the migration process

  12. After the completion of the migration process, you will be able to access all the PST file in Zoho Mail

Final Words

Sometimes, the users need to access their O365 data into Zoho. For this, the user has to move Office 365 emails and documents to Zoho. Now, when it comes to migration, there is no direct method to migrate Office 365 data to Zoho Mail. Thus, above in this explained the 3-step process for migrating Office 365 to Zoho. By implementing the step by step process the user can easily access O365 items into Zoho Mail in a trouble-free manner.

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