Best Social Media Weapons To Skyrocket Your Marketing Efforts

Birbahadur Singh Kathayat is a Director of an online marketer and entrepreneur.
Edited by: Andrew Leniart
The efficacy of social media has turned it into a powerful weapon, especially for businesses to promote their brands. Social media marketing is gaining a lot of traction and companies of all sizes are using it to reach prospects and customers.

Businesses today can no longer remain indifferent from the enormous possibilities created by social media. So if you want to grow your brand value, social media marketing will serve you as a much-needed tool, to begin with. There’s no doubt about the fact that web-based promotion is an innovative way of marketing and advertising. Marketers are now clearly positing there’s no end to the new opportunities that a carefully managed social media campaign can bring. 

Since an overwhelming number of people are already interacting with different brands through social media, it’s about time you have factored in winning social media strategies in your marketing mix. According to a recent study, 30% of millennials said they engage with a brand on social networks at least once a month. This means social media can skyrocket your marketing tactics and spruce up your bottom line.

In recent years, there has been a radical shift in the way branding tactics are being implemented. So to increase your brand awareness through social media, it is very important to set clear goals. By being more innovative and thoughtful in approach, you have much higher chances of getting a positive return on investment. Using a display advertising campaign will give you a head start in boosting your brand’s popularity and sales via social channels.

Since your business website is your digital face, you need to keep your business page up-to-date. That’s why you need an online graphic design to create graphics, social media banners, and website visuals that will help you develop consistent campaigns across multiple social media channels.

Here are some of the best social media weapons to enhance your marketing efforts:

1. Use webinars to educate your audience

Conducting webinars can give a huge boost to your business, albeit handled properly. They are highly interactive events with which you can directly connect to your audience through social media. Webinars are getting a lot of attention these days, and with the right techniques, your webinar session can ultimately drive the audience into a buying experience. 

The rationale is pretty simple – when you discuss various pain points that your audience usually face and provide them with viable solutions, your credibility gets established. That means your brand is being noticed and taken seriously by people.

Webinars are effective because you are teaching your audience about everything and they will perceive you as an authority. As a matter of fact, people are psychologically influenced by authoritative figures. So the more webinars you do, the more attention your brand will get. However, your webinar must include a unique selling proposition and you have to inject personality and passion. 

To keep your visitors stay put, and inviting more people for the event, you should try to use visual marketing materials. You can do it by creating attractive webpage, sending personalized emails, and creating a buzz around the topic of discussion on social media. Thus highly interactive webinars can go a long way in improving your business and sales.

2. Influencer outreach will give you an edge

Influencer marketing is gaining currency since more and more marketers are using it to promote their brands. A powerful influencer outreach involves using key brand advocates to drive your message to the larger market in an organic way. Today, many social media influencers are out there who have an exceptional ability to generate engagement with users. 

Since a large number of people follow these heavyweights, they can help you boost your brand on social networks, increase leads and convert them to customers. According to a report, over 75% of marketers are using influencer marketing. Another report suggests 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencer opinions over traditional celebrities. Whenever an influencer is seen using a particular brand on social media, it’s a subtle way of endorsing and recommending that brand, and people go for it!

However, just like any other investment, influencer marketing is also not free from risks. If you can’t identify the right influencer for your brand, you’ll fail to cut the ice. Identifying the perfect influencer will help in the creation, communication and connection of all messages. But before that, you also have to understand your target audience. 

In view of this, micro-influencers could be of great help for your business. They are well aware of their content, their niche, and most importantly, their audience. This means the recommendations of micro-influencers are viewed as genuine and usually taken at the face value by their target market.

3. Facebook marketing is crucial for your business

The remarkable reach of Facebook clearly makes it the most popular social media platform in the world. Facebook touched the historic mark of 2.23 billion monthly active users in June 2018. Due to this massive presence of people, a Facebook page can have many potential benefits for your business. For example:

  • Customer interaction: In an interactive Facebook page is a great way to learn more about your customers. Comments and posts provide you with a direct feedback and increase conversations with your target audience.

  • Healthy engagement: Unlike other marketing tools, Facebook is a two-way communication channel. Your audience can chat freely with you and learn a lot about your brand. Whenever your followers comment or share your posts on Facebook, it serves as a good PR for your company.

  • You are able to gather more leads: Through your Facebook page, you can gather more leads in the form of email addresses, and you can contact the larger community outside of Facebook. If you know how to use your leads, you will hopefully convert a significant number of prospects.

  • Low-cost marketing strategy: Marketing activities need a fat budget, but Facebook can be harnessed for a fraction of the cost. You can upload pictures and videos regarding your business so your audience gets to know more without having to visit your premises.

  • Develop a dedicated fan base: Facebook allows you to develop your very own community. For that, you have to post high-authority links as well as user relevant content.

  • Boost your SEO efforts: SEO is an important technique that gives your brand a significant visibility. The powerful algorithms of search engines index all the links and content posted on your Facebook page. Thus, high quality and relevant content are very important for securing higher rankings on search engine results.

4. Reach other businesses through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful social channel through which you can target other business owners directly. It is one of the best platforms for professionals to be connected with various networks in useful ways. LinkedIn is gradually gaining ground and becoming the dark horse of the social media platforms. 

Whether you are the founder, sales executive, or a marketer, you can efficiently build connections and grow your business with LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides you two distinct ways to reach your target audience – through promotions or by means of sponsored content. However, using LinkedIn can be a bit tricky, so you have to get your basics right.

  • Before embarking on LinkedIn, you need to optimize your profile so prospects won’t have difficulty in finding you. It is important to know the keywords your prospects use while searching for what you offer.

  • Just ask yourself are you giving a reason to your prospects to connect with you? The truth is they have every reason to click someone else’s profile, too.

  • Even if a prospect has landed on your page, now what? Give them a reason to take an action. Your page must reflect their needs so they will take the next action. This is where you should share some of your stories and build your credibility. Your summary section should end with a clear call to action.

  • Grow your network: A large LinkedIn network is very important. The smaller your network is, the more dramatically you will limit the number of people who will ever see you. People will find you if you lie at first, second, or third level in your prospects’ profile. So accept most incoming connection requests, set a regular schedule to reach out to people, and send out personal messages.

  • Finally, follow up with the new connections and stay connected to your network.

5. Harness the popularity of Instagram to your advantage

Instagram can be an absolute game changer for your business. If you're not on Instagram, you should be. The precipitous rise of Instagram and its ever-increasing popularity are a telltale sign of how an important marketing tool it has become. More businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs are using it to connect with a new, younger market. 

Although any business can flourish with the help of Instagram, a few industries are cut out for this platform, such as food, travel, fashion, and e-commerce. The platform is made to give innovative people a way to express their life in pictures and videos. “Instagram Stories” has proven to be a highly engaging feature that helps create fun and interesting videos. You can target your audience via reach, video views, traffic, conversions, and put your business on a successful path. 

By understanding your audience a little bit closer, you have to post what they really want. A great way to post is behind-the-scenes shots of you preparing for an event or product photo shoot. Hashtags serve as an important tool to people for searching images and videos. So you should attach hashtags to your images and videos in order to reach even more followers. 

Birbahadur Singh Kathayat is a Director of an online marketer and entrepreneur.

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