Comparison Between Top 3 Data Loss Prevention Software Vendors

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The post is going to help enterprises in learning about top 3 data loss prevention vendors. Instead of going through tons of DLP software present in the marketplace, users can evaluate the top three best data loss protection service providers and make the selection process easier.

Interested in adopting a DLP vendor for your business but, facing the biggest challenge of selecting one best enterprise DLP solution? There is no doubt in saying that in today’s data one of the major cloud computing security challenges is to choose one suitable DLP security software for a business. Who knows whether the chosen vendor is trustworthy, do what it commits, or acts like a threat for customer’s data security? If something goes wrong, business reputation is at high risk in comparison to the vendor’s reputation.

Of course, these kinds of thoughts in mind are genuine among enterprises when they enter the marketplace to select data loss prevention software vendor. Data loss protection technology is a crucial way of safeguarding industrial information from hackers sitting on the open network. It enables businesses to secure their data from loss, even if the business network or cloud storage machine crashes. 

There are n numbers of firms who render cloud DLP security software but, picking one perfect out of them is a tedious task. Therefore to help out enterprises worldwide with this major problem, I posted this blog on the official Expert Exchange site. 

In this web post, you are going to find data loss prevention software comparison among 3 trending DLP vendors. Enterprises can read the post thoroughly and I hope that it will help you in dealing with your major problem of choosing one best enterprise DLP solution for your industry.

Name of Top 3 Vendors – BitGlass, CloudCodes, and NetSkope

Comparison Between DLP Security Software

BitGlass Cloud Security CASB – The name of this vendor is well-known for its Nex-Gen CASB solution. It enables its enterprise customers to embrace the cloud service while ensuring online information security and regulatory compliance. This DLP security software safeguards data across any cloud service and any device. It helps its consumers to monitor and secure the valuable business information and assets. A Zero-day read-only control over cloud services like Facebook, LinkedIN, Box, etc., is provided by this data loss prevention software. 

One will be able to view and connect with these applications, restricted from uploading any sort of content. This DLP vendor provides the automated functionality of addressing and blocking anomalous behavior of end users like unauthorized users trying to log into a business account from a new device or location, someone is trying to download an unusual document from an unmanaged application, and many more.

CloudCodes CASB Solution – CloudCodes data loss prevention software vendor guides organizational customers to monitor, track, and secure sensitive business content. It provides its security services for popular business cloud services like Office 365, G Suite, Dropbox, etc. CloudCodes is designed with a consolidated platform where common security standards are already enforced in the product. An administrator is benefited with controlling features like:

  • Control the employee’s day-to-day operations like file uploading, downloading, etc.
  • Have a complete eye on the business activities performed by employees
  • Set new DLP policy instantly whenever required to enhance security

CloudCodes data loss prevention app’s users will be able to impose protection on PII, PCI, and PHI data. It will automatically analyze the user’s account to check whether any violation is taking place while working or not. If yes, instant action is attempted on the basis of defined policies. This solution is considered under best enterprise DLP solution because it provides a useful feature of ‘block USB device’. 

We all know that a major source of data leakage in large organizations is USB portable devices. Therefore to be safe from this source, enterprises need to enforce a DLP standard against it. Such type of DLP policy is unavailable in the majority of DLP vendors but, its present in CloudCodes. Through this service, organizations will be able to track or block accessing of USB port in the workstation.

Netskope CASB Solution – The Netskope DLP security software provides organizations with the utilities they require to discover, secure and monitor data stored on the cloud. It enables them to comply with internal as well as external regulations. The DLP solution provider enables its customers to take the best out of internet and cloud services without compromising security. It targets and controls the operation performed over the cloud and renders 360-degree information and threat protection that is present all around. 

This enterprise DLP solution secures and protects the leakage of confidential information, providing power to discover sensitive information stored in sanctioned cloud apps. It detects secretive content through the help of 3000+ data identifiers across the structured and unstructured records, support for thousands of file types, proximity analysis, metadata extraction, optical character recognition, etc.

Have Gone Through All But, Which One to Choose?

After reading the data loss prevention software comparison provided in this post, you might be clear with the functionalities provided by all three vendors. Now your task is only to create a checklist for cloud security in your business and then, match it from these three DLP vendors. The one that matches your requirement completely is the best enterprise DLP solution for your business.


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