Finally! Now We Are Having A Strong Solution For Chromebook Protection

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I am using this blog as a means to share my experience with CloudCodes for Chromebook service. Only this solution is the one that renders all advance Chromebook protection practices that are capable enough to compete with attacks like Ransomware and provide prevention against data breach.

In the era of digitization, cloud computing is playing an important role in the life of organizational users worldwide. Seeing this open-arm kind of adoption for online technology, Google introduced a new type of laptop in the market i.e., Chromebook. 

Instead of working with Mac or Windows OS, Chromebooks run its own Google Chrome operating system. These PCs are coded to be primarily used only when the internet connection is available because the majority of its apps reside on the cloud. Here comes a major point to be noted! 

One can make the best use of Chromebook only when he or she is having an internet connection. This means that while working with these kinds of laptops, enterprises have to look for Chromebook protection. It is majorly required because all the data of Chromebook is not stored locally, complete processing is taking place on the cloud. The chances of Cyberthreats, Cyberattack, data breach incidences, etc., are high that might lead to unexpected disaster. 

Therefore, it's better to give Chromebook Security to the hands of service providers who render 24*7 strong (in fact, unbreakable) data protection. One of the best security vendors to protect Chromebook data is CloudCodes!

Through this post, I am going to make my blog readers aware of CloudCodes for Chromebook service. I am giving my experience of using this software because till today’s date, I found only this solution the best and suitable among all. The service cost, speed, and all other aspects are fantastic. I am confident enough while delivering this line because I am still a satisfied customer of this service and, find it worthy to spend my company finance on this vendor.

CloudCodes Security for Chromebook Protection

CloudCodes Chromebook protection solution is designed by a team of cloud security experts. Pioneering in the domain of Cyber World, CloudCodes came with its CASB solution that provides unbreakable cloud storage security solutions to its business clients. Not only in Chromebook, but the security service of CloudCodes is also available for Office 365, Zoho, Salesforce, G Drive, etc. 

Since I was in the need of Chromebook security in my office, I have used only this service. The service vendor knows the mindset of organizations and the importance of their data. It provides 100% protection level to the customers and trains them in taking precautions while securing their data. If anything goes wrong in Chromebook records, immediate notification is mailed to the administrator. 

CloudCodes adds a security layer in an existing online protection system in the form of DLP policies. Undoubtedly, it is an integrated approach to initiate a highly secure environment by offering data control and visibility in Chromebook.

Brilliant Features Offered By CloudCodes

Google provides Chromebook protection to its customers at a basic level because it has to think for worldwide customers. But, CloudCodes is not like this! It works on what its customers demand and also provides them with suggestions to strengthen security at the organizational level. Bundle of features are provided by this vendor to protect information, which is stored in Chromebook. Well, I found the following two features of CloudCodes for Chromebook solution the best and extremely useful for me:

  • Continuous Monitoring Without Any Break – The solution renders a consolidated screen where all cloud security standards are present as a feature. On the same screen, there is a tab for data monitoring in which customers can view and analyze the activities of their employees. A real-time tracking system is coded in this app through which one can determine the attitude of business officials towards industry data.

  • Restrict Accessing of Personal Gmail IDs – This feature makes CloudCodes for Chromebook protection solution different from all others. In a business, high chances are there that during the office hours, employees are accessing their personal Gmail IDs on Chromebook for one or the other purpose. From a business perspective, it is not at all safe, if an employee is using personal accounts while working. Therefore, CloudCodes offers a feature named as ‘Consumer Gmail Block’, which restricts the use of personal Gmail IDs on Chromebook.

That’s All From My End

CloudCodes Chromebook protection service is the only one solution that offers the feature of restricting personal Gmail account accessing on Chromebook. Even if someone tries to violate the rule, immediately an automatic report generation takes place, which is mailed to the admin or higher business authority. Well, on the basis of my tech experience, I would like to rate this service 4.8/5.  CloudCodes for Chromebook security reduces the human efforts to protect data saved on Google Cloud.


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