Convert Password Protected PDF to Word Without Password Quickly

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This post is going to help all those users who want to convert a password protected PDF to a Word document without a password. Here, they can learn both manual as well as a professional solution to export protected PDF to word document.

Out of all the electronic document formats, PDF (Portable Document Format) is one such secure and globally used file format. A user can encrypt the PDF file to restrict other users who don’t have the privilege or right to access the protected document. For users who need to access this encrypted file should enter the password in order to access them. 

What if you have forgotten the password or if the owner has missed sharing the password with you? Are you facing such an instance? Alas, you have reached the right blog, which will help you learn the process of converting password-protected PDFs to Word without a password in a few simple steps.

Before going to the solution to convert secured PDF to Word, go through the following scenario to get an idea,

“Hi Everyone! I have a PDF file and now I am able to open it. But, the file does not allow me to perform any operation due to owner level security password. As my team leader has urgently requested to make a few changes in the PDF file, I need to access the file quickly. I have read a few articles from the internet to convert password protected PDF to Word without password. But, I am a bit confused with the steps and hence I am not able to implement the same. Please advise some instant solution to export protected PDF to word document."

Manual Technique to Export Locked PDF to PDF?

In this workaround, we are using Google Chrome, which has a built-in PDF reader* and PDF writer. But make sure to carefully process the steps, as the steps are bit tricky, which may confuse you thereby the PDF file may get damaged or corrupted. 

Therefore, take care to understand and implement the following steps which will help you to smoothly convert password protected PDF file to a Word document without a password.

  • The initial step is to drag the password protected PDF into Google Chrome or right-click the PDF file>> Open With>> Google Chrome

  • After which, Google Chrome will give a prompt message to enter the document open password. For that, provide the password and hit the Enter key
  • From the File menu of the Google Chrome, click the Print option and select the destination printer as Save as PDF and click the Save button 
  • This will enable Google Chrome to save the PDF file to the desired location, but without password protection
  • Now, you can easily open the PDF file, which will no longer ask you for a password to access the file
    In order to convert password protected PDF to Word without a password, open the password removed PDF file using Microsoft Word
  • For that, right-click the PDF file>> Open with>> Word
  • Once the PDF file is opened on MS Word, click on File menu and select Save as option
  • Now, provide the desired location to save the file and click on Save button 
  • This approach will help those users who are looking to export locked PDF to Word without password 

Note: This method is only applicable if your print option is enabled. Otherwise, you need to use a third-party solution.

Quickly Convert Password Protected PDF to Word Without Password

No doubt, PDF files have the ability to maintain the document formatting, no matter where the file is opened. Does the above method fail when the print option is disabled? Then, just relax as we are going to introduce a standalone piece of software I.e., PDF File Security Remover

This will help to unlock the owner password from the PDF file in just a few simple clicks. After removing PDF file security, save the PDF file to Word format. This tool is packed with endless features that allow you to remove both user level and owner level password security from the PDF file. The best part is, this tool is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

Some Outstanding Characteristics of the Tool

  • Capable to Remove restrictions like, to print, copy, edit, page extraction
  • Successfully removes known user level and owner level security from the PDF 
  • Facilitates with an option that helps to crack PDF comment protection
  • Does not require Adobe Acrobat Installation in removing the passwords 
  • Efficient enough to remove document assembly restriction from the PDF 
  • Easily removes signature restrictions and also enables form filling 
  • Unlocks PDF file in batch for Business and Enterprise license users

Quick Steps of PDF Unlocker Tool for Windows OS

  • To begin with, download and install PDF Security Remover software for Windows on your system 
  • Then, click on the Unlock button to initiate the conversion process 

  • Under Unlock PDF File wizard, click the Browse button and provide the source path of the protected file to convert password protected PDF to Word without password 

  • When the read-only PDF file is loaded, the tool displays all the respective PDF restrictions 
  • Click on the Browse button to save the password removed PDF file to the destination location and click on Unlock PDF

  • Once the restrictions are removed, a complete comparison of the protected file before and after the unlocking process is displayed as shown below 

  • Now, the password removed PDF file is saved at the desired location.
  • Now, users can easily convert it into MS Word format.

Time to Conclude

Most PDF documents are password protected, hence there arises a need to remove passwords from a PDF file. This blog has described both the manual and the automated solution that can swiftly convert password protected PDF to Word without a password. 

To perform the manual method, a user must have a PDF document in which print option is enabled and must be technically skilled so as to easily unprotect the PDF file. If you are finding the manual steps difficult, then simply switch to the tool that is induced with numerous dynamic features to export locked PDF to Word without a password.


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