How to Get a Tech Job with No Technology Experience

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Getting a job isn’t always easy. It can be especially intimidating if you’re going after your dream job—and you don’t have years of experience to back up your enthusiasm. Tech jobs are growing faster than ever, but it can be challenging to get hands-on experience that you can put on your resume. If you want to break into the tech industry but you don’t have direct work experience, you’re not necessarily out of luck. It is possible to get a job in the industry even if you have a lot to learn. Here are some tips for how to get a tech job when you don’t have much (or any) tech experience.

Effectively Market and Sell Yourself

You need to effectively market and sell yourself to land any job, but especially when you lack direct work experience. When it comes to your resume, every word counts. Mention the work experience that you do have, and explain how those skills are relevant to what you’ll need for the tech job you’re applying for. Bring up soft skills like communication, adaptability, and ability to learn. You should also emphasize your work ethic and your enthusiasm for working in tech.

You can put a positive or negative spin on anything, and when many people apply for jobs, they’re not used to selling themselves. They’re used to downplaying their accomplishments and aren’t able to market themselves and highlight their best qualities. Resist the urge to be humble—highlight your accomplishments and show potential employers why they’d be lucky to have you on their team.

Consider How and Why Companies Hire

If you’re trying to figure out how to get a tech job, try reverse-engineering the process. How and why do companies hire? Well, they hire because they either have more work to do than their current team can handle, or they lack specific skills on the team. With each job posting, you look at, think about your resume, cover letter, and application through that lens. How will they make hiring decisions?

The good news is that these days, many companies are focused more on personality, skills, and ability then they are on degrees or number of years of experience. They want people with interpersonal skills who are passionate, resourceful, and will take action. Even in tech, teamwork is important, so be sure to highlight your experience working with others.

Take on Tech Projects and Develop your Skills

You may not have experience working for a tech company, but that doesn’t mean you have to go into an interview empty-handed. Create your own experience! Immerse yourself in the tech scene and get connected with people who are working on projects. Find a mentor or see how you can get involved. Consider going back to school and getting a masters degree in some aspect of technology. If you’re able to, getting an internship, learning new skills via online courses, or tinkering with your own projects can help you get valuable experience you can talk about.

Get a Tech Job by Highlighting Your Personality Strengths

There are a lot of stereotypes about people in tech, and one of the most persistent is that people who code or work with computers have terrible people skills. The truth is, companies need people with those all-important “soft skills” too. Knowing your value and your personality strengths can help you get a job in tech, even if you’re still a newbie on the technical side.

Some of the skills that employers look for are leadership and emotional intelligence. You might take these for granted, but they take a long time to develop and can help a company become more productive and create a stronger culture. Still not convinced? A global study showed that 67% of the qualities and skills that companies were hiring for were emotional intelligence skills. Understand the power of your personality and leverage it when you’re looking for a job.

It’s Never Too Late to Jump In

If you think it’s too late for you to get into the tech industry and become successful, think again. It’s a fast-moving industry that rewards people who jump in with both feet, take risks, and show that they’re adaptable and confident. It’s never too late to learn, update your resume, and take a shot at getting a tech job so you can grow your career!


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