A Positive & Updated Cybersecurity Mindset Is Important In A Business

Ugra Narayan PandeyCloud Security Expert
I am proudly an Indian and Currently working as a Data Security Expert with SysTools.
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Cyber Security is one of the biggest concerns for all of us as an individual, a business, an institute, or a government organization. 2019 is the year to take a serious step against Cyber Crime and Cyber Fraud. As a cloud security expert, I enclose some serious points about cybersecurity.

Undoubtedly, cybersecurity is one of the terrific cloud computing challenges in the 21st century. In today’s date, we have invested a large amount of precious time, money, and efforts to defend business networks still, the problem continues; In fact, it is getting worse day-by-day. Why? Well, the answer to this question is changing the regular Cybersecurity mindset to make on-premises security stronger.

It is good that cloud computing users are concerned and thinking about their online data protection but, they are doing this in a wrong manner. A common set of misconceptions keep normal cloud users away from an effective solution to deal with cloud computing security threats. This means that we have to bust all these myths and look into one of the most sustainable problems in a correct manner. It demands a change in the regular mindset regarding Cybersecurity.

A more holistic method is required to interconnect all business parts, and continuously deliver protection to an entire company. Nowadays enterprise environment and cloud data security risks have evolved tremendously so demand an upgrade to the Cybersecurity mindset. Now you are going to find different methods to assure whether your organization has the correct kind of mindset or not. If something is missing, not to worry, fill the gaps with recommended solutions.

Note – Do not ignore or avoid any of the listed points because all are mandatory to have for prevention against cloud threats in 2019.

Points that ensure you have the right cybersecurity mindset

  1. Collect and Share Information Carefully – The term ‘big data’ means a large set of data gathered by organizations and utilized by them in predictive analytics. The purpose of this in the business domain is to disclose patterns, trends, and connections of human attitude and communications will develop faster than ever before. Till the year 2020, every individual working on the cloud will create around 1.7 megabytes of new content every second. This is at the top of 44 zettabytes of records, which will exist in a digital world by that time duration.

  2. Protection of Online Stored Content – Access control solutions, automated monitoring systems, and advanced encryption algorithms are needed to compete with trending internet threats. This Cybersecurity mindset idea suggests end users keep these solutions, systems, and algorithms up-to-date. The outdated version of these applications will not be capable of providing prevention against cloud attacks. Therefore, at least once a week, organizations should check whether all workstation PCs are working with an updated edition of the OS, applications, and cloud security products or not. Also, make sure that the encryption algorithms are encrypting data, even when the content is in rest mode on the cloud.

  3. Be Wise and Selective While Allowing Access – This Cybersecurity mindset tip warns businesses to be selective, wise, and clever at the time of permitting employees to work with their company content outside the firm’s boundary. It is pretty much expected that the total number of IoT devices will grow from 23 billion to 31 billion, from the year 2018 to 2025 respectively. These components will rapidly get interconnected, filled with data, and accessible from the web. Therefore, industrial users are warned that they should be careful before enabling the facility to access their content on the public network. Even if they allow their employees for the same, keep a track record of activities performed by them outside the premises.

  4. Engage with Best Cloud Security Solutions – By the year 2020, around 80% of the business workload will be on cloud storage. It is being predicted that 41% of business operations will be executed on public cloud networks, 20% on the private cloud, and 22% on hybrid cloud environment by 2020. This assumption clearly states that on-premises workloads will get reduced from 37% to 27% by 2020. Strengthen in-house cybersecurity to protect cloud data from any unwanted authorization and cyber attacks. This respective Cybersecurity mindset point enables enterprise customers to work more on their industrial development strategies, instead of focusing more on cloud data security.

  5. Enforce Mindful Online Privacy Standards – Shocking but, a truth – Data leakages are down year-over-year. Around 1.4 billion data breach incidents took place, out only 686 breaches were accounted between January 1 and March 31, 2018. As per the different surveys, a report came out that the unauthorized access has occurred due to which data leakage incidents were caused. Usually, this happened because of the carelessness of humans while accessing business confidential data on the public cloud. In order to be safe from such situations, enterprises have to adopt cloud data security standards. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance, PCI DSS, and other compliance policy are available that are more than enough to protect the customer’s data privacy in business.

It's time to update your Cybersecurity mindset

Things in CyberWorld can never be consistent, and the same is the case with online data protection solutions. Regular updating, modification, and enforcing of new standards are required to protect data leakage incidents or prevention against cybercrime. This clearly means that ‘with change in technology and the emergence of new innovation, people have to update their Cybersecurity mindset.’ Being a responsible cloud user, you should be knowledgeable about what new threats are taking place in your surroundings and then, update your cloud data security level accordingly.

Ugra Narayan PandeyCloud Security Expert
I am proudly an Indian and Currently working as a Data Security Expert with SysTools.

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