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The purpose of this article is to show the bundle of features available to you at Experts Exchange, and where to find them. I will be updating it whenever changes to the site are made, so bookmark it and keep referring back if you suddenly can't find something. Enjoy exploring and using the site!

Welcome to Experts Exchange. You've joined a help site like no other, with a ton of benefits for you to enjoy and explore. The purpose of this document is to provide you with a list of quick and easy links to find things on the site so that you can make the most out of your membership while you learn your way around using the GUI menus provided.

Tip! - Bookmark this page for a quick and easy reference to finding the most useful features available to you. This document will be frequently updated as the need arises.

Table of Contents - Quick Links

[  Getting Help  |  Posts  |  Read Articles  |  Write Articles  |  Join Discussion Groups  |  Watch Videos  |  Publish Videos  |   Answer Questions  |  Previously Answered Questions  |  Topics List  |  Members List  |  Ways to Contribute  |  Explore Cloud Class  |  Hall of Fame  |  Expert Ranks & Certifications  |  Give Feedback or Report a Bug  |  Customer Support  |   Terms of Use  |  Privacy Policy  |  Concluding Summary  ]

Getting Help

If you need to ask our Experts for help with any problem you're having, "Ask a Question" that will open up the Question Wizard which will guide you in posting a question to ask our Experts for help.

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Posts - Share what's on your mind

Chat and share about anything that's on your mind with the Experts Exchange community by using the Posts function. Explore what others have to say and join in by commenting on any post that interests you.

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Read Articles

Our certified professionals have written many great articles on just about any topic you can think of. Explore our Top Rated, Awarded, and Recently-Published articles at the following link.

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Become a Published Author on Experts Exchange

  • Do you have expertise in a particular topic you could write about?
  • Want to write a review about a new phone, gadget, or tech-related hardware that you like to use?
  • Have a unique solution you've discovered to a technical problem that isn't already well documented?

Then become a published author at Experts Exchange by writing an article. Experts Exchange has a worldwide distribution network that helps you get the recognition you deserve, and you will be rewarded with Points for your contributions as well.

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Discussion Groups

Experts Exchange hosts a number of groups that provide you with a means to communicate with all other members and join in discussions about a wide variety of topics. There are many groups available to choose from and join. There are four main types - Open and Public groups are available to you right away. Any groups marked "Permissioned" or "Private" mean that you will need to request access to them. Explore what's available at the following link.

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Watch Instructional Videos

Expand your technology skills quickly with these short, step-by-step mini tutorial instructional videos from our leading certified professionals. A wide variety of topics are covered.

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Publish Your Videos

Create your own instructional videos and submit them for publishing on Experts Exchange. Share your expertise with other tech professionals and earn points while you help others.

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Answer Questions & Earn Points

Showcase your skills, receive points, and apply to become a Certified Professional by helping to answer questions asked by other members. Get a list of all Open Questions at the following link and sort them according to your own expertise for ease of finding.

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Previously Answered Questions

Search the Experts Exchange database containing a wealth of Previously Answered Questions (PAQ) to see if your problem or issue may have already been solved by using the following link.

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Browse Topics or Propose New Ones

Browse and find available topics to narrow down your searches when asking or answering questions. If there is a topic you think should be included, yet is not available in the list, you can use the same link to suggest it be added.

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Collaborate with Experts and Members

Search for, find, or follow your favorite Experts using this link. Provides an easy way to find and view their member profiles and a quick way to communicate with them directly.

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Ways to Contribute

Learn how you can build your reputation at Experts Exchange by contributing in a variety of ways and become recognized for your skills. A great way to build upon and improve your resume.

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Explore Cloud Class

Explore the entire library of professional courses available with your subscription.

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Experts Hall of Fame

Check out the Experts Exchange Hall of Fame which lists certified professionals who have earned the most points. Links are also provided on the bottom of the linked page to honor the winners of the Annual Experts Awards.

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Expert Ranks and Certifications

Are you curious why some experts have the title of Master, Guru, Wizard and so on? Satisfy your curiosity and learn what all of those Experts Ranks and Certifications represent on the following page.

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Report a Bug or Share Feedback

As the site naturally evolves, on rare occasions you may find a bug when using Experts Exchange. If you do, report it using the link below and EE developers will squash it as soon as possible for you. Depending on the bug, you may also be rewarded with some points for reporting it! 

You can also use this link to provide your feedback on Experts Exchange or to suggest ideas for features that you think would make this site even better.

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Customer Support

If you're experiencing any difficulties using Experts Exchange, use the link below to contact EE Customer Support directly, who will do their best to help and/or guide you. 

Available contact options include live chat, telephone, and email. 

Live chat and telephone Support  @ +1-877-211-8911 is available Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM PT (UTC-7). 

Email is reviewed and responded to within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

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Experts Exchange Terms of Use

This is the Experts Exchange Terms of Use Agreement which everyone agrees to abide by when using the resources on this site. This Terms of Use page may change occasionally, so members are advised to periodically visit this page in order to stay up to date with any changes.

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Experts Exchange Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is presented in order to help you make an informed decision about using this service and to explain what information we collect, how we store that information and how we may use it. By using our products and/or services, all members have agreed to the terms and information detailed by this policy.

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I remember when I first joined Experts Exchange, it took me quite some time to discover what was available to me because there is so much here that may not be immediately obvious. Everything presented here is also available from the home page GUI, but until you get used to navigating around the site in that way, you are welcome to use this Quick Find document to see what's available and how to quickly get to it.

The feature list is not exhaustive, however, I think it includes the features that most EE members and experts use on a regular basis. To that end, I hope you find it useful and encourage you to bookmark it in your browser for future reference.

Any comments about this article, or suggestions to improve its content are both welcomed and encouraged. Please leave any comments or suggestions you want to share in the comments section below, or PM me directly.

Finally, if you think this article was useful and will be helpful to Experts Exchange members, please do endorse it by clicking the Thumbs Up Icon to the bottom left. 

Thanks and I look forward to seeing you on site!

Regards, Andrew Leniart

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