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Wesley MillerInformation Technology Practitioner
24 Years of Experience. CompTIA A+ ce and Security + ce Certified,   Microsoft MCP.
Unites States Air Force Veteran.
I am providing the resources that Microsoft Provides as support to its community. A lot of it is technical and may be beyond what an average user might need. But for a site such as Experts Exchange, I thought it might be a good guide to what Microsoft has available.

Microsoft is a large company that has many facets to it and offerings.

And provides some very useful information for the users and those that are dedicated to helping others with their products.

Here I am presenting some links I have become aware of in my career in Information Technology that I believe will be of value to others. A way to quickly locate information, and learn about Microsoft's offerings it provides to it's community.

First for the users of Experts Exchange:

 These links are ones that can help you find answers and teach about the products Microsoft offers.

There are also ones that focus  on some offerings Microsoft has to provide assistance and help to the  Business user as well as the entrepreneur.

Microsoft Support: 

Microsoft Office, Help and Training - Office Support.

Ask the Microsoft Community. You can Post questions, follow discussions, share your knowledge.

For Microsoft documentation for end users, developers, and IT professionals. 

You can find quick starts, tutorials, API reference, and code examples.

Resource Tools for IT Professionals, but also developers, and End Users

For Security concerns and up to date information from Microsoft. 

The Security Update Guide is the authoritative source of information on security updates.

For those who want to do formal training on what Microsoft Offers

Microsoft Garage: The Outlet for Microsoft experimental projects from teams across the company.

Microsoft Accessibility: Technology is a tool for all people, there are products to empower everyone, everywhere.

Azure. Cloud for all. Your vision. Your cloud. 

Turn your ideas into solutions using a trusted cloud that is designed for you.

Microsoft for Startups, A website for entrepreneurs.

The below are geared more towards the IT professional that is more knowledgeable of Microsoft products than the average computer user. These links provide them with further in-depth knowledge, insight and awareness of Microsoft's products...

 It is my hope that by  providing an organized reference of the links within Microsofts Intranet you can get answers to problems that you are presented, find software support and also learn from the Microsoft Team that develop and work with the products.

Microsoft has a Catalog, it provides a listing of just about everything Microsoft has distributed.

It is a one-stop location for finding software updates, drivers, and hot fixes.

Download resources and applications for Windows Operating Systems, Servers, and other products. 

You will find resources written in various script languages. 

The content  is dynamic and changes to keep it current.

Blogs with the latest information, insights, announcements, and news from Microsoft experts and IT professionals.

Learn to Develop, Any Application.  On any Platform.

Visual Studio IDE, code editor, VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services), and App center: Tools for any developer

Videos for Developers from People of Building Microsoft Products and Services

GitHub is the world's leading software development platform. An inspired by the internet community. From open source to business, host and review code, manage projects and build software alongside other developers.

Microsoft acquired GitHub in October 2018.

Microsoft Virtual Reality 

Microsoft Rewards Program

Earning rewards is easy, simple, and fun.

 Just search, shop, or play with Microsoft and you’ll be on your way to earning points for rewards.

Minecraft is a popular game that Microsoft owns. Which they bought because it is an excellent educational tool which many simulate  to Lego's for its use of block type graphics as it basic object elements.

You can find out about the other subsidiary companies Microsoft owns at:

Microsoft links are dynamic so changes occur thus over time some of these links may fail or change such as the Microsoft Virtual Academy. But on almost every link provided Microsoft provides an index at the bottom of the page to other sites within its intranet of web pages. So take a look a look and do a Click to see what else there is hidden within Microsoft.

The information presented will be curated as  I become aware of changes and discover any additional links that might be useful to the Community of Experts Exchange. 

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Wesley MillerInformation Technology Practitioner
24 Years of Experience. CompTIA A+ ce and Security + ce Certified,   Microsoft MCP.
Unites States Air Force Veteran.

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Wesley MillerInformation Technology Practitioner


Made changes as advised to better explain the intent of article and a salutation on providing feedback.
PeeterBIT Support Tech

Excellent! Great to have all that in one single article .... (I knew some of them .... but not others, and had forgotten some ..!)

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