4 Best Measures for Endpoint Breach Prevention in The Year 2019

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Ugra Narayan Pandey
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In today’s post, we are going to cover the top 4 best practices that are needed to gain endpoint breach prevention. These measures will help organizations to create a strong endpoint network connection in order to perform secure data transactions.

In the world of digitization, the growing volume of data being gathered has now become a valuable resource for companies in different fields. For enterprises, it has become a significant input for development, differentiation, and maintaining competitiveness. With the daily increase in importance level of data, cloud information security has now become a vital aspect for businesses. It is so because breach of a sensitive content can result in a high loss to the company, and might decrease the market reputation of the firm as well.

Endpoint breaches are security incidents where secretive information is stolen or exposed from a machine, without authorization or knowledge to the PC’s owner. As per the study organized by the Ponemon Institute, it has been found that from the year 2017 to 2018, the average rate of each lost record increased by 4.7 percent. An endpoint security breach makes a new headline every week. This means that enterprises must check their confidential documents and resources are protected with a sufficient amount of security controls. These controls comprise of the standards that companies have in place to secure information, along with the strategies and software at their disposal to mitigate the breach. 

Endpoint breach prevention is needed not only to fulfill legal requirements but for the issues associated with personal privacy and at the end, to safeguard the business reputation. Confidential data in a business comprises of personal identifiable information (PII) like credit card numbers, customers’ name, phone numbers, or email addresses of clients and employees too. It also includes trade secrets and intellectual property, and company-based information. Well, in the next section we are going to cover best practices, which are needed to achieve endpoint security in the current year 2019.

Best Measures for Endpoint Breach Prevention 2019

  1. Give Security Awareness Training – In a business, employees have the crucial role of holding their company’s resources and confidential data security. However, the lack of security awareness and effective training makes these employees as the weakest link in endpoint breach prevention solutions. They become the reason for a threat whose consequences are suffered majorly by the company, not the employees.

    Therefore, it is the duty of organizations to provide adequate and effective security awareness training to their employees. One should be known with the importance of information security, common tricks to address the threat and avoid breaches, and empowered to report the potential privacy incidents immediately. Also, we would like to suggest that businesses should limit down the use of sensitive content and should adopt a ‘need to know’ policy for the same.

  2. Adopt Correct Security Technology – Cybersecurity measures are essentially needed in every industry because secretive company data must be secured wherever it is sent, accessed, or stored. While it is necessary to have a network and traditional perimeter security solutions like antivirus apps, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems, businesses should look at the layered strategy, which comprises not only endpoint breach prevention techniques but, also has the capability to identify and monitor cloud computing security challenges.

    The adopted solutions should include the ability to respond to the occurrence of Cyber threats. With the use of data encryption standards and backup policies, it will be possible to mitigate risks while assuring that products are updated and patched regularly to minimize network vulnerabilities. DLP solutions like CloudCodes DLP could help customers to be safe from data breach incidents.

  3. Follow Data Protection Regulations – Each measure for endpoint breach prevention is a sign that indicates the fact that organizations are accountable for how they manage client’s data and its privacy. When businesses prioritize the information protection for meeting data protection standards, they have a better choice to prevent data exposure as well as avoid penalties and market reputation issues. The best method to assure compliance is by making a data security policy, which keeps data secure from risks.

    This security should protect data from internal as well as external Cyber threats. In terms of privacy laws and rigorous regulations, 2018 was an important year because these regulations are becoming more prevalent globally. California Consumer Privacy Act, General Data Protection Regulation, etc., are some of the regulations that came into force last year. While others like Health insurance portability and accountability act, Payment card industry data security standard, etc., focus upon particular companies.

  4. Create Data Breach Response Plans – Still, in the year 2019, it has been observed that there are many companies who don’t have a breach response plan. They do not have a realization of the fact ‘a data breach response framework has a crucial role in handling cybercrime in a better manner – limiting damages and restoring the employees’ and customers’ trust.’

    The purpose of this endpoint breach prevention technique is to define the roles and responsibilities for users assigned with the duty of breach management. This should include a draft notification and summary of the investigation procedure, which has to be carried away after the occurrence of a breach. The importance of an incident response plan is mentioned in regulations as well. For example – Under the EU GDPR requirements, enterprises have to take actions against the data breach within 72 hours of detection. This comprises of collecting of associated information, reporting the occurred breach to the applicable regulator, and notifying the impacted users.

That’s All From Our Side

With an increase in the emergence of new technologies, hackers are advancing their attack techniques. No one can determine who is on the target of internet criminals. Therefore, it is important to adopt endpoint breach prevention measures to mitigate the risk. These measures will make it difficult for attackers to perform Cyber threats to the aimed company. Also, there are chances that if a hacker is unable to execute his or her desired threat on targeted firm, he or she might change their mind and eliminate the thought of attacking that respective firm.

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