Its The Crucial Time to Control and Monitor Data In The Cloud In Firms

Ugra Narayan PandeyCloud Security Expert
I am proudly an Indian and Currently working as a Cloud Security Expert with CloudCodes.
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Today we are going to cover some consequences that can be faced by organizations in the digital world if they avoid controlling and monitoring data in the cloud. Afterward, we have highlighted the strategies to monitor the company’s sensitive information that is available online.

With the increase in the number of enterprises adopting digital transformation, several companies prefer shifting their business data on the cloud. They generally do this with the perspective of saving both times as well as money. 

As per the survey was done by Intel Security, around 60 percent of the organizations make use of cloud storage to store confidential customer information. Considering the impressive numbers, it is quite obvious that the use of private data in the cloud demands proper monitoring and control. It is the only approach through which one can ensure secretive content security and comply with the regulatory standards. 

However, giving assurance of on-premise level kinds of protection in the online platform is a quite challenging task. Now a question arises  ‘what are the threats that an organization will face if they don’t monitor sensitive data in the cloud? What could be done to assure a better level of data control?’ Let’s discuss this in this article!

Risks Associated With Poor Cloud Access Management

Even though the sensitive information definition may vary from one company to another, the major requirements for Cybersecurity and governance are quite common. The data of business must be regularly available by ensuring 24*7 protection without the occurrence of any threat. Here the major issue in the security of data in the cloud is that several companies do not monitor their confidential information security properly. The absence of proper data control solutions seems like a serious threat to the Cybersecurity of a company. Therefore, ensuring a proper standard of cloud computing security is important to gain. 

Following are the risks that are posted in the presence of poor monitoring and controlling of data in the cloud:

  • Unaware From Sensitive Data Location – When the data is stored on the cloud platform, the data can be located physically almost anywhere in the globe. Here comes the major problem by this peculiarity of cloud computing that some kinds of confidential information are considered under core data residency and compliance regulations.

  • Unknown Who Can Access The Data – It is not only your IT management staff and a top-management team who have all the privileges to use companies’ resources. Cloud vendor officials and third-party entities may also desire to use a company’s private information at any instance of time. The purpose of an industry should be to ensure that no third-party actors get access to their information without permissions.

  • Unknown Data Modification, If Any – In absence of a proper monitoring and auditing system, users can miss the time when some of the business’s confidential information was deleted, modified, and copied to a secondary location. Unawareness of these aspects associated with sensitive data in the cloud might result in sudden data breaches or Cybercrime occurrence.

Selection of a trustworthy cloud service provider is also an important task to be carried away in a sensible manner by companies. At selection time, business clients have to keep in mind the existing CSP’s reputation in the market along with flexibility and bundle of security products and solutions they offer. 

Dedicate a sufficient amount of time to plan the cloud data security strategies which fit your company in every aspect. In general, an industry has to follow multiple security standards on the basis of industry type, residency, and the kind of data they have to comply with. After this, ensure the list of all these policies along with the definition of duties on both sides in SLA with the cloud service vendor.

Let’s See The Best Practices to Monitor Data in the Cloud

In contrast to the traditional information storage centers, cloud-based architectures are not that much easier to manage and monitor. With the perspective of securing business cloud network and ensuring high-level of cloud data protection, organizations have to accomplish the following procedures:

  • Provide end-to-end data visibility in the cloud network 
  • Have control over the access of valuable firm’s data
  • Implement privileged access management solutions
  • Continuously monitor and audit the use of private data
  • Create an effective and efficient incident-response plan

Selection of a trustworthy cloud service provider that fulfills the requirements of Cybersecurity standards needed in your company – helps in achieving a better level of data security in the cloud. One only has to check where the responsibilities of each stage lie and what security standards and compliance requirements must be adhered to.

Security Awareness Is Best For Protection of Data in The Cloud

Advance technology – digital country – cashless work, these three words sound good. But do you know we also have a famous term ‘careless citizens’? Ignorance of solutions to control and monitoring of data in the cloud is a stupid decision in today’s date. Companies have to realize one thing that they can make the world digital (or can convert their business operations digital) only when they concentrate seriously on cloud data security.

Ugra Narayan PandeyCloud Security Expert
I am proudly an Indian and Currently working as a Cloud Security Expert with CloudCodes.

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