Strengthen Data Security Strategy With Smart Data Loss Prevention Solution

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Ugra Narayan Pandey
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In the world of digitization, information is a valuable asset for businesses in every field. Today in this informative post, we are going to assist readers with security measures that most of the companies require. Read this post to determine the strategy that best suits your firm!

How enterprises can secure their cloud data? OR What is your enterprise’s data security strategy?

The answer to these questions is dependent upon 3 major factors -  Where the data is being stored, who accesses it, and where it travels. These three aspects are responsible for structuring business strategy and addressing the security approaches a company requires. Regardless of the information accessed and transferred throughout the infrastructure, there are products and procedures that can fortify a businesses information security strategy.

Today it is the correct time to say hello to an Intelligent Data Loss Prevention Solution. It is not a traditional DLP because traditional approaches are no longer capable of combating current Cyber threats. Modern technology has grown and empowered companies with three core security features – Data Visibility, Activity Monitoring, and end-user behavior analytic. Making use of these practices and products, enterprises can foster a robust data security strategy.

Time to Go Deep Into Three Features of Data Security Strategy

Data Visibility

Companies must create educated and informed decisions particular to their information security requirements. Comprehensive knowledge of Cybersecurity measures is essentially required to build the blocks to success. ‘Data visibility’ informs about the changes made in a data security plan when factually rooted. Where does the data travel towards? Nowadays the journey of data begins from different platforms and ends to different access points. It is important to achieve a transparent view of data flow for information security regulations as well as to obtain comprehensive data security.

The second part of data visibility is to understand who has the right to use business crucial resources. Is the person who is using the company’s vital information an employee, any unknown external human, or an intruder? GDPR is the recent data regulation that mandates companies to learn the data location and the person using it. Also, businesses must satisfy the requests of data subject like the right to be forgotten, right to erase, etc. An industry cannot complete these particular data subject rights if they are not known with the data storage. If companies forget to apply the compliance, they may be subject to paying a fine for violating GDPR rules. 

Data loss prevention solution is a one-screen for maintaining data security strategy, which is all you need. If the information gets compromised, you can review where your data was stored and by whom was it last accessed. If you cannot address these things, you can’t secure your business from further attacks or repair the business network infrastructure.

Data Monitoring  

During working hours, what are employees doing with their company’s data? Although company owners believe that their workers are loyal to their firm and will maintain data integrity and security with complete responsibility; it is not a truth for all. Unfortunately, internal attacks also exist where one (or more) business employees are responsible for data breaches or Cybercrimes. Internal attacks can be a result of careless human attitudes, revenge on the company, or any other reason. Therefore, it is better to adopt a smart data loss prevention solution that also offers a data security strategy against internal threats. 

Data Monitoring is an automated policy-based solution that comprises of alerts if a rule violation occurs. Once businesses achieve data visibility and can blueprint their objectives, they can develop Cybersecurity standards to govern data activity. The alert capacity of a data loss prevention solution alerts administrators of any process, which is a policy violation. For example – Suppose an employee tries to open an unknown attachment and this activity is listed under policy violation, the administrator will get an immediate notification. 

Additionally, if defined, the DLP solution automatically blocks or locks out an end user who tries to violate the rules. Website, email, applications, and network monitoring are all the parts of this particular capability. Also, a business can create an IT forensic report by recording and logging the activity monitored. If a threat occurs, the company can deeply analyze the log file to track the culprit. The report can prove itself a solid piece of evidence for strong security practices in the scenario where data exposure takes place in each and every minute.

End-user Behavioral Analytics (EUBA)  

The abilities of machine-learning take the level of data security strategy up a notch. This forward-thinking technology has joined IT forensics with user analytics for creating a steadfast data loss prevention solution. This specific feature “learns” the pattern of ‘user work’ to decide and create a behavioral baseline and then addresses deviations with intelligent rules and notifications that are mailed to the administrator. Consolidating EUBA with activity monitoring alert system creates an additional defensive security.

Be Smart And Stay Safe

Adoption of a business data security strategy with an intelligent data loss prevention solution – It is a smart idea to overcome cloud computing security challenges. However, a challenge might be faced by businesses i.e., selection of one suitable DLP solution. Data visibility and monitoring with behavior analytic are already consolidated in a comprehensive DLP solution. Choose wisely!

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