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Zakaria Acharki is an analyst developer from Tangier, Morocco who joined Experts Exchange as a certified professional in November of 2018.

Zakaria Acharki started his career early and was unafraid of a busy schedule. When asked about the beginning of his career, he said, “I was sometimes working and studying at the same time until I got my Master's Degree in Computer Science [in] 2015 from Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Tangier.”

Acharki has worked as a developer for seven years, and this year marks his fourth year working as a full-time analyst developer. His experience in the field has taught him some important lessons, mainly to give the kind of help and advice you hope to receive in return: “Helping others became part of my routine. I receive emails and chat with people that are asking for help almost daily and provide answers in the communities every time I get the chance.”

He also mentioned that, “by learning the new technologies and [staying] up to date with the trends, you'll be able always to help improve yourself and make an impact.”

He found Experts Exchange while searching for technical solutions. Always seeking a new challenge, he immediately connected with the atmosphere on site. In particular, he said he noticed the respectful comments, high-quality solutions, and value within the expert community: “I told myself that I really needed to join these experts to learn how to be a part of this wonderful community.”

After applying to the certified professionals program, he said he “received an immediate belief in [his] skills” from our team, which made him even more excited to join the community. Acharki continues to impress the staff here at Experts Exchange, as well as fellow experts. He has quickly made a name for himself, earning a Distinguished Expert award less than a year after joining.

We asked what he finds most rewarding about helping others, and he said, “Every time you help someone or get involved in a new thread, you learn something new and get the love of the community.”

He enjoys the exchange that happens between fellow experts and mentions that he often receives valuable advice and support from other experts in comments and in direct messages. Challenging questions are some of his favorite interactions on site. He said, “I may remain stuck for hours on my laptop working and looking for a solution. I find myself learning new things and improving my technical skills in every step.”

Acharki has various testimonials on his Experts Exchange profile from question authors thanking him for being “polite,” “on point,” and for having “understood exactly what we were trying to do.” They call him “a great teacher” and “a life saver.”

These are just a few of the question authors who have left a conversation with Acharki feeling relieved, thankful, and ready to take on another challenge.

In his free time, he enjoys playing futsal with his teammates, going fishing to recharge his energy, or simply reading a book in a quiet space.

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