Importing Tables from Older Unsupported Access databases

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John Tsioumpris
I am passionate software developer and also a competent Systems administrator.I enjoy learning new things and challenges...
A small utility that imports the tables from Older - Unsupported Microsoft Access Databases

Well we all know the situation...we have/come across an older version of an Access database and we just can't  get our hands on the data....we try to import the data only to get this "nice" info 

Till now the only solution was to hunt down older copies of Microsoft Access to see if it can support the importing for our database...

Well, this is partially over...with this little utility you can import the tables (only the data...no keys/indexes) and stop worrying about how to get the data...

The utility is quite simple

Just open it (if it needs VBA enabling please do enable it)

Click the little button "import OLD"

It will get you to the Import Form

Just select the Old Unsupported database 

After that, you have 3 options

  • Perform the Import on This application

As it is ....just don't fill anything


Check the option


  • Perform the Import on an existing Microsoft Access database (Just Supply the Full Path)

  • Perform the Import on a New (non-existing) Microsoft Access Database

Fill Name of the desired Microsoft Access Database and if you want a different from the current path

When you have finished just click the Start Progress button and that's all

You can monitor the Process on the Status textBox

If everything is OK the process will start and i a few minutes (depending on the size of your data ...you will have your imported tables)

After that simply close the application and if you want to know a little more about me just under the Exit Application there is a small button with my profile on EE and LinkedIn

The application has been tested on Access 2019 32bit and with old '95 Access mdbs ...(i am afraid is not ready for 64bit as it relies on my other Article : Defeating the device-independent bitmap (.dib) format which needs some 64bit refactoring)


P.S1. The import to an external database is a bit slow but I am trying to find ways to "optimize" its performance

P.S2 If you encounter a database that you cannot import and if you don't mind sharing it, drop me a note to check it.

P.S.3  Revisions :

17/09/2019 A small fix because the default for creating fields is to Not Allow Zero Length ...fixed

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