Celebrating the Recipients of the 16th Annual Expert Awards

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It’s time to announce the winners of the 16th Annual Expert Awards!

The Expert Awards are an annual tradition to celebrate the incredible work of our experts. We are humbled by the camaraderie and collaboration that has taken place in the past year. Thank you for taking time to make Experts Exchange the strong community that it is.

Each year, our team considers the contributions and merit of all experts to select the winners. Additionally, EE users are able to nominate experts who have been helpful to them personally. These nominations are used when selecting the Experts Exchange Fellows and the Most Valuable Experts.

Top Expert Awards 

Recognizing experts who consistently exhibit professionalism, leadership, and quality contributions.


The Experts Exchange Fellow title is reserved for select members who demonstrate sustained contributions, industry leadership, and outstanding performance on EE and in the larger technology community. Experts Exchange Fellow is a lifelong status.

Jim Dettman joined Experts Exchange in 1999. Since then, he has written articles, published videos, won Most Valuable Expert awards, and solved over 6,000 problems for EE users.

From Randy Redberg, CEO of Experts Exchange: 

“Jim has been a long time member of EE. Over the years, I have been able to get to know Jim on a personal level and even do some off-road motorcycle riding with him on the sand dunes of Pismo Beach.

He has been part of our Core Conference events in San Luis Obispo, where I first got to really know Jim on a personal level. He is a strong and respected voice that has guided and shaped our community over the years. I do consider him a friend first and a colleague second. People like Jim are what makes being part of EE so special to me.”  

Expert of the Year

The Expert of the Year award recognizes an expert who helped improve Experts Exchange in the past year through high levels of contributions and participation on site. This award is given to the expert who has achieved the highest levels of participation, while maintaining quality contributions and professionalism.

Bill Prew has provided over 6,000 solutions and has been on site for nearly 20 years. He is the epitome of Experts Exchange’s core values not only as an expert, but as a member of a wider professional community. He is always the first to congratulate others on their achievements. Since becoming a topic advisor 7 years ago, he’s provided nothing but constructive and fair help to both the community and to the staff. Bill has taken the time to understand all aspects of what it means to be a member and has made active steps toward improving the experience for all.

MVE (Most Valuable Expert)

The Most Valuable Expert award recognizes technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community, demonstrate the core values of this platform, and go the extra mile in all aspects of their contributions. This award is based off of nominations by EE users and experts.

Carl Webster is a Citrix Technology Professional Fellow with over 1,800 solutions on EE. He has been an active member of EE since 2002 and is also part of other communities such as Citrix user groups. Our team has had the opportunity to meet with Carl, and he has taught us so much about his experiences with the EE community and the value in helping others.

madunix joined EE in 2004. He is an IT director who has contributed articles and over 1,500 solutions. He has made an impression on the EE team for also being active on other platforms, as well as consistently promoting EE and representing his area of expertise.

oBdA has been on EE since 2003 and has provided users with nearly 12,000 accepted solutions. Here is one of the many user testimonials he’s received: “oBda has answered many of my PowerShell questions quickly and effectively and has helped me learn and develop my own PowerShell scripting skills. He is a true master in his field.”

Top Contribution Awards

Recognizing experts who provide the highest levels of contributions and quality engagement.

Rookie of the Year 

This award recognizes a member of Experts Exchange who has made outstanding contributions to the community within their first year as a member. The Rookie of the Year is awarded to a new expert who has the highest number of quality contributions.

Sean Bravener is a Senior Information Technology Consultant with over 15 years of industry experience, but he is new to EE. He’s able to offer his expertise in a variety of topics, including Microsoft and virtualization. We’re so happy to have him here, and we are excited to see more as he continues to contribute and get involved on EE.

Author of the Year 

This award recognizes an author who contributes the highest volume of original works or content. Recipients of this award produce extremely valuable content that prioritizes accuracy, relevancy, and professionalism.

Andrew Leniart has contributed nearly 50 articles to Experts Exchange. He is a passionate volunteer and writer who has worked with our community to create higher standards and publish excellent content. He has cultivated a constructive but fun environment on site, and we are grateful for the content he has contributed. Team players like Andrew are the people who drive EE and keep users coming back. Thank you!

Distinguished Experts

This award recognizes two experts in the top 50 most active topics: a veteran and a rookie. The candidates for this award are the most active in their topic of expertise. Distinguished experts have achieved noteworthy accomplishments on Experts Exchange through high levels of activity.

You can view the full list of Distinguished Experts on the official announcement page here.

Thank you to all our experts for another great year!

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