Newsletter: July 2020

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Check out these monthly community updates. Each month, we'll highlight a featured Topic of the Month! We'll also be mentioning any new podcasts, featured articles, and more. See which experts stood out this month, and read some great feedback from our community. Thanks everyone!

Topic of the Month: VMware

We are featuring VMware as our topic of the month for July. Follow us on, and Twitter to stay up to date. 

Check out our AWS podcast!  

Last month, Thomas Bernal and Randy Redberg sat down with AWS expert and former EE employee, Phil Phillips. As the Director of DevOps at EE, Phil led the company in migrating to AWS cloud. Randy and Phil discuss the whole migration process, from early decision making to implementation and maintenance.

Listen to our discussion here!   

Thank You, Experts!  

Highest Helpful Scores in June


Chris Stanyon

Hello There

Andrew Hancock

Dr. Klahn

Bill Prew

Here’s what EE subscribers are saying about the experts:  
Chris Stanyon - “Chris provided extremely valuable information and delivered it quickly as well. He explained it in terms I can understand and also gave me a way to check the work and troubleshoot it. Great Expert!!!!”

FOX - “The amount of effort and technical know-how FOX presented during my incident is AMAZING and just unbelievable. His passion and heart to stay on the issue until it got resolved truly helped me learn so much. I have paid for support subscriptions and I have never ever experienced someone like FOX. No way I could put into words...all I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH!” 

Daniel Pineault - "Daniel, I can't even count the number of hours I spent scouring the internet for the answer you provided. It was, indeed, a decimal field that caused the problems. When I changed it to a Single type field, it fixed all the issues.”

VMware  Courses from Cloud Class®

Featured Articles

We encourage you to share your unique perspective on topics that matter to you. You can write your own articles and submit them here.

Expert Certification Updates

Most Certifications in June

Hello There  8

Dr. Klahn  6

Phil Phillips  5

Thomas Zucker-Scharff  5

Udara Peiris  5

Genius Certifications (1 Million Points)

Chinmay Patel for ASP.NETC#, & Microsoft Dynamics

Cliff Galiher for Azure

it_saige for Visual Basic.NET

David Johnson for Networking


Sage Certifications (500,000 Points)

Thomas Zucker-Scharff  for SecurityVulnerabilitiesRansomware, & Anti-Virus Apps

David Favor for Linux Distributions

Flyster for Microsoft Excel

Andy Alder for Components

gowflow for VBA

Andrew Hancock for Hardware

byundt for VBA

Gustav Brock for Microsoft Office

madunix for Security
Experts ExchangeTake hold of your future.
We solve the world's technology problems through collaboration and learning.

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