Top 5 Browser Extensions for 2020

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A listicle showcasing my favourite Top 5 Web Browser extensions for 2020...
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This nifty extension blocks annoying website advertisements that most computer users have grown to hate. It does a far superior job to most built-in web browser ad blockers and also takes care of many privacy concerns for you.

Note: After a default install, Adblock Plus will still allow non-intrusive ads as defined by the Acceptable Ads Committee. A few clicks of your mouse will enable you to opt-out of that incentive so that Adblock Plus will block all ads for you. Opt-Out instructions available here.

Free for personal use and is available for web browsers on Windows, Macintosh, Android and IOS devices. Install it now to enjoy a cleaner web browsing experience all round.

Note:  If you find ads to be particularly troublesome and you are frequently forced to turn off your adblocking software, consider switching over to the Brave Browser. My review of Brave can be read here:  Brave Browser - Better than Google Chrome?

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An excellent free and secure password management utility that no computer user should be without. Eliminates the need to remember passwords and eases the temptation to use the same password on every website you log into as well as a whole lot more. Dashlane has a paid subscription option that allows for synchronisation of your passwords across all of your online devices.

You can also access your passwords using any computer by logging into your online Dashlane account. Supports all popular web browsers and is available for use with Windows, Macintosh, Android and IOS devices.

Shopback is a highly desirable extension to have for anyone living across the Asia-Pacific that shops online. Once you have created your free online account, it sits in the background and prompts you to activate it whenever you visit any supported online store.

Purchases made with Shopback qualify for a percentage refund of your purchase price which varies from site to site. After your savings have added up, you can redeem them directly into your bank account. No one should shop online without it. Available for most popular browsers. Install it now and start saving.

A list of all supported online stores is available at  this link:

Anyone with a free Gmail account can also take advantage of this convenient utility. Google Hangouts provides the ability to stay connected with your family and friends, allowing you to send instant messages, make voice calls over the internet, and have group video conferences for up to 25 connected users (or 150 participants in a text-based group chat).

Available for Google Chrome, Android and IOS devices, it can also be used directly from most web browsers.

Available at:

Click & Clean is an extension that allows you to manage your browser activity on the fly. Unlike built-in browser cleaning options where a lot of the choices are to remove all or nothing, you can selectively remove cookies, browsing history, tracking data, and even export all of the information available from the app to Microsoft Excel for closer examination.

Click & Clean supports the Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Summing Up

I've been regularly using all five of the featured extensions in this listicle for several years with no ill effect to my browsing experience. All play well together and have free versions available.

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Andrew LeniartIT Professional, Freelance Journalist, Certified Editor
IT Professional - Helping others to help themselves. &

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