Deploy a default User Account Picture for Vista & WIndows 7 across the network via GPO

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Hi All

Just a quick one for everybody.

I was recently looking into setting the default User Account Picture for all my vista clients within the network but on closer inspection the group policy setting only allows you to set the default picture as the local default. As there is no way to specify a single central network location for the picture you could use the following instead.

So in order to enforce a default company picture do the following;

1. Load up the group policy management console.

2. Either create a new group policy object or edit an existing one that is in the same OU as the vista computers.

3. Navigate to: Computer Configuration>Policies>Administrative Templates>Control Panel>User Accounts>Apply the default user logon picture to all users. And set to enabled and keep the GPMC opened.

4. Edit the attached script and change the CompanyPictureLocation = "\\UNC\Path\Of\Picture" to the network location of the picture and of course save as *.vbs be sure that the new picture is a bitmap and is named User.bmp

5. Navigate to: Computer Configuration>Policies>Windows Settings>Scripts>Startup>Add>(Copy the folder path from the open file dialog & then open it up in windows explorer and finally copy the attached script there.)

Reboot and the new picture will be copied to all vista clients in the OU the gpo is contained within.

Const OverWriteExisting = True
Set FSO = Createobject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
LocalLocation = "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\"
CompanyPictureLocation = "\\UNC\Path\Of\Picture\User.bmp"
FSO.CopyFile CompanyPictureLocation, LocalLocation, OverWriteExisting

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