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BlackBerry Internet Service Email

Jamie GillespieSenior IT Consultant
This is a basic guide on setting up email accounts on BlackBerry mobile devices using the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). If you just want access to your email with the option to send email using this same account then this guide should be helpful.

Getting Started

In order to begin you will need to verify that you have the following items:

BlackBerry details (IMEI & PIN)
Network (O2,Orange,Vodafone etc)
BlackBerry Data Package
Email & Settings

Creating a BlackBerry Internet Service Account

Please see a list of example BIS sites from the UK, select the one that matches the network you are on:

If you're network is not listed here, try using a search engine such as Google or contact your mobile network provider.

You will then need to set up a new account for the device, this is where you will need your IMEI & PIN numbers.

When you have successfully created the BIS account you can then move onto setting up your email.

Setting up email

BIS will let you set up both personal and business email accounts. Using your email settings you should be able to set up any account in a matter of minutes. As long as you have correct settings for the email account then this should be straight forward.

I recommend using Outlook Web Access (OWA) to collect email if it resides on a Microsoft Exchange Server. You should be able to get these details from your network administrator. This uses Windows Authentication which is your username and password when you log onto your computer at work.

Problems mainly occur in this process where the email is being added to the BIS account. See the troubleshooting section below for help if you unfortunately come across issues.


Email signatures can be set up and edited using the BIS service. These can be found in the email settings.


Here is a list of steps you can take to troubleshoot problems with setting up email on this service:

Verify your email settings.
If using Outlook Web Access, try and log onto the web address provided with the credentials.
Contact your email provider.
Speak with your mobile network provider.
Ask your network administrator.

When you are having problems and you have to deal with a provider, assert yourself and don't let them make you go around in circles. You can also query specific questions using Experts Exchange but you should know by using this guide who and what the problem may be a little faster.

Other problems can occur if the connection to a mail server is dropped. An example of this would be if a Microsoft Exchange Server lost its connection to the internet. You would then have to re-activate your email online using BIS (after connection has been restored). The email settings are retained and this can be activated by clicking the email icon next to the address on the homepage (BIS).

If you change your Windows password, you will need to update this on BIS as well. Notifications are normally sent to the BlackBerry to let you know of any problems.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

This is what is needed to get additional items such as calendars and appointments to sync to your BlackBerry device. This works with Microsoft Exchange and provides lots of additional features. Please follow the  link below to view more details;

Please note: Links added to this article are liable to change and may not always work. Remember to use a good search engine to get you to the correct sites.
Jamie GillespieSenior IT Consultant

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