Windows Default Keyboard Shortcuts using 'Alt' key

* Windows Operating System (OS) & its applications offer us a range of ways to access/execute an operation using keyboard shortcuts.

*  One of the ways to access the shortcuts is with the help of 'Alt' button.

* When you only press the button 'Alt' in any window which is open in your OS, it will highlight the default button which appears 1st in the window with an underscore '_' sign below an alphabet.

* Alt+the letter which has the underscore sign will execute the operation performed when you explicitly press that button in the window.

* The keyboard shortcuts for the buttons other than the ones which appear in the file menu work only if they are visible in a window that is smaller than the maximized view.

* In some cases where any window is in a shrunken state i.e. if the windows view is even a bit small than the Maximized view; it will then display only fewer buttons than the ones that would appear in maximized view.


When someone tries to send out an email from Outlook window that is in a shrunken view state and if the 'Send' button is not visible; user will not be able to send the email using 'Alt'+'S' because the Send button which has an Underscore sign below the alphabet 'S' is not present inside that window.

* In order to make this work we will need to make the Send button appear in the shrunken window and to do is we will only need to customize the panel from the View menu.

* In that shrunken window, if you press the last button which looks like >> with a down arrow key then that will show you more options. Over there, select 'Send' and that will bring the 'Send' button by default whenever you will have your email window in shrunken screen mode.

* Having done this, you will now be able to send out emails either by pressing 'Alt'+S or else click on the 'Send' button.

* Besides this, there also exists another way to access shortcuts and that would be known by accessing the Windows menu which appears in any window of the Windows OS or Application installed that the Windows OS.

* Almost every operation which could be performed from the Windows Menu would have a shortcut way defined in the menu to access it.

* If you go to File and check for the options underneath, many of them would have 'Ctrl'+'Alphabet' specified besides them which suggests a shortcut method to execute that operation carried out by that particular Menu or Sub-Menu.

* Please note that Windows Shortcut keys could only be accessed/executed if the desired windows is highlighted or active.

Hope many would find this article to be useful. Please feel free to point out any errors in this one (if any).


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