What is the cause of the Data Breach Incident and how to deal with it? we'll see

Ugra Narayan PandeyData Security Expert
I am proudly an Indian and Currently working as a Data Security Expert with SysTools.
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This FAQ-based post lists top questions related to data breaches. We also provide answers to each question one after another. Cloud computing users can read them in full and improve their knowledge about the data breach incident occurring at CyberWorld.

What is the cause of the data breach incident?

Here are five common reasons why data is released.

  • Weak online account passwords: Hacking threats can be considered one of the most common causes of data breach incidents. Account passwords are often vulnerable or lost because hackers are able to exploit the vulnerability. According to the 2017 Data Breach Incident Statistics Report, four of the five breaches are solely due to vulnerabilities or the theft of tenants' security credentials.
  • There is a breach in the safety net: Why should you worry about breaking the door when the door is already open? Of course, it is common sense that hackers prefer to break into the target network if the entry point is not secure. This allows an attacker to create a hole and crawl directly to recover sensitive data.
  • Social Engineering: Being an intruder, why does everyone struggle to create their own network access point when it is easy to persuade employees with various legitimate claims to obtain confidential information, right? In such cases, employees participate in hacker stories and share confidential business records without permission from senior officials.
  • Internal Cyber Threats: You may have heard common phrases. That is, bring your friends and enemies closer together. This statement has nothing to do with the cause of this data breach. Internal company employees may carry out unknown threats within the company for revenge or other reasons.
  • Unintentional mistake: No one knows when or what will happen to you. Therefore, it is better to be safe on your own side. Data is often lost due to inadvertent human error. The consequences of these mistakes can improve a company's reputation for risk in the marketplace.

What about data leaks?

Data breaches result in the disclosure of confidential or protected information. This can include sudden loss or theft of personal social security numbers, credit card details, banking information, financial records, personal health information, etc. This incident can be carried out intentionally or happen unintentionally. Therefore, preventive and corrective solutions must be prepared for both scenarios.

What should I do if a data leak occurs?

If you are among the millions of customers whose personal information has been leaked in a data breach, here are some points to use to minimize your chances of being the victim of fraud.

  • Ask all employees in your company to change their account passwords immediately, even if they are not affected.
  • Handle the type of information stolen by hackers (critical or normal)
  • Contact your financial institution if your payment details are lost or breached
  • Contact the Credit Reporting Office to warn of fraud

How to protect yourself from data leaks?

You should always follow precautions to keep your information secure, whether or not you have reported a data breach. Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with tenants online or using online services.

  • Create a multilingual password: Account owners must create a multilingual password such as 'Cl @ uC @ des6789'. This is almost impossible for a hacker with a brute force attack to guess. Also, stop sharing your password with other people, and don't write it down anywhere. Remember the password of your heart!
  • Choose Credit Card Purchases: Experts recommend credit card payments to customers shopping online. Also, every time you make a transaction online, you have to add the card details, but it is a good idea to remove the card details from the app when the transaction is complete.
  • Adoption of real-time monitoring applications: Companies must use real-time monitoring systems to view and analyze employee behavior regarding sensitive business information. This allows managers to see how executives are managing sensitive content and resources across the business.
  • Security Alert Configuration System: Businesses should adopt automated cloud security solutions that include all the necessary approaches to stay safe from data breaches. In addition to these solutions, make sure that the solution can alert you when an accident is detected.

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This post answers frequently asked questions related to information leaks. If you have any other questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below. 
Ugra Narayan PandeyData Security Expert
I am proudly an Indian and Currently working as a Data Security Expert with SysTools.

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