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Who is an EE Expert & Who Can Contribute to the Community?

Kasey Hart
I live and work in Savannah, GA as the EE Director of Community. I love to build community for EE members!
Edited by: David Draper
As a collaborative community of technology professionals, it's important that we define exactly what "expert" means at EE. And more importantly, who is an expert at EE.
Hey there! Kasey here. I want to share something important with you. If you are reading this as a new member to the EE community - welcome! We are so glad you are here. 

If you are reading this as a long-time member, don't stop reading! 

This is for everyone.

Experts Exchange is a community of technology professionals who believes it’s important for members to understand our meaning behind the word "expert". 

Before we jump in, a friendly reminder that EE is not a service with help desk technicians. We are a global community of like-minded peers who enjoy connecting, collaborating, problem-solving, and learning together! You can read more about who we are and our community mission here in this member guide. 

With that in mind, our definition of 'expert' may be slightly different than elsewhere.

Who is an EE expert?

What exactly does "expert" mean at EE? And more importantly, who is an expert at EE? 

An expert at EE is someone who has real world experience and expertise, and consistently shares that experience with the community through quality contributions.

It's someone who shares their experiences and their knowledge in a collaborative, respectful, and professional manner. Someone who takes time to help others because they want to see their peers succeed.

EE Experts are also recognized as experts in their field. They have an incredible resume of achievements such as certifications, degrees, awards, statuses, and so on. But most importantly, they take that real world experience they have and share it with other EE members!

Everyone has personal experiences, successes, and failures. Does that make you an "expert" by technology industry standards? Maybe, maybe not. But it does mean that you can help someone else. It means that you can contribute and give back to your community of peers. This is how the Expert badge is earned at EE, and you can earn it! 

Your experience is valuable; and worth sharing.

Kasey Hart: Expert?

Let me illustrate this with a quick personal story. I'm the Director of Community here at EE. And I will be the first person to tell you, I am no expert in terms of my years in the community industry, my certifications, or my resume. Not by a long shot.

My brother is older than me. He is way smarter than me, has more business experience than I do, and has always been a mentor in my life. He recently started a new job where he found himself in a position building a member based community. He was thrown into the deep end.

He and I began to have countless conversations about building community and digital products where I was able to share my limited experience with him. It dawned on me then, that while I personally do not consider myself an expert on community or product development, I have learned a lot. I have failed a lot, and I have even succeeded. And that is worth sharing with others. It brought me so much joy to see that my experience helped my brother succeed in his new role. Not to mention, I actually learned a ton in the process.

Recognition and Participation  

So why do we have an "Expert" status here at EE? Because we recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond to help other members and contribute to the community at large. We also recognize that many of our members have an immense amount of industry knowledge and an incredible resume of achievements.

You may be asking yourself 'how do I earn Expert status at EE?' Start contributing. Start sharing your experience with others. Built into the EE platform is a points and recognition system which serves to recognize contributions and give members the opportunity to earn accolades and achievements. 

Now that we know who can contribute, you can read more about "Why Contribute to the Community" here! Our community is made up of all types of members participating in different ways. I encourage all members of EE to contribute by sharing your experiences and learning from your peers. There are multiple ways to do this in our community. If you aren’t sure where to start, that’s okay. 

Follow a few topics that you have experience in and set your communication preferences for each topic by clicking on the menu button next to the topic. If you still have questions about how to get involved, our team would love to chat with you! Reach out to us at You can also comment below on this article.

Our members are the heart and soul of EE. So go forth and share your knowledge, build connections, and learn together!

Kasey Hart
I live and work in Savannah, GA as the EE Director of Community. I love to build community for EE members!

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The definition of an "expert" at EE goes beyond traditional qualifications and certifications. It encompasses individuals who have real-world experience and expertise, and who consistently share their knowledge in a collaborative and professional manner. These experts are recognized not only for their achievements but also for their willingness to help others succeed.

Your personal story beautifully illustrates the value of sharing experiences and learning from each other, regardless of traditional expertise. Everyone has something valuable to contribute, and by participating actively in the community, members can earn recognition and contribute to the collective knowledge base.

The emphasis on recognition and participation through the points and recognition system underscores the importance of actively engaging with the community. By sharing experiences, building connections, and learning together, members truly embody the spirit of Experts Exchange.

Thank you once again for highlighting the importance of community participation and knowledge sharing within the Experts Exchange platform.

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