How the smartphone in your pocket might be a cost effective solution for home/remote working.

Rob KnightConsultant
Edited by: David Draper
At times when working from home/remotely is becoming increasingly important, your Samsung Electronics smartphone with DeX or Motorola smartphone with Ready For might be the answer.

Now Crosscall have a solution and you can even use Android Desktop mode on other devices too.
With many variants of Windows 10 going End of Life in October 2025 and up to 43% of Windows 10 devices unable to support Windows 11 (TPM/CPU), there may be a way you don't need to go out and buy a completely new PC or laptop - just some peripherals.

For around £60.00/$80.00 or less plus a wireless keyboard/mouse, you can plug your Samsung S8 & later, Note 8 & later or Motorola G100, 200, Edge 20 Pro, Edge Plus or Edge 30 pro into your TV. Crosscall have also added this feature to their Core-X5 and Core-Z5 devices.

You can even enable Android Desktop mode in Android 10 and later and use it wirelessly or where the device supports USB-C 3.1 Gen 1/2 and DisplayPort over USB-C, via a wired connection. This is true of devices such as the Fairphone 4 (full apps) and Microsoft Duo (RDP only).

You can even play games such as Halo using XBox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming: Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) | Xbox 

If your company uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) Workspaces, @Awingu & @BlackBerry Access, Citrix, VMware or Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 or Azure Virtu al Desktop, you can enjoy full Windows application access.

More information about Windows 365 can be found here including a free trial: Windows 365 ( 

With VMware Horizon, it's also possible to have a Windows virtual desktop spanning 2 external monitors using Samsung DeX.

Samsung DeX, Motorola Ready For and Crosscall X-Space are inbuilt into the smartphones and will activate when you plug them into a compatible USB-C & DisplayPort dock or display with USB-C.

For Video Conferencing applications, vendors such as WebEx now support using some external USB web/conferencing cameras so you can turn your smartphone into a huddle room or even use your TV with webcam for video conferencing purposes.

There a now an increasing number of ways you can have a fully mobile DeX or Ready For solution, all from your smartphone including using increasingly numerous 15.6" touchscreen displays with USB-C connectivity - just add an Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad and the touchscreen or lapdocks - essentially a portable touchscreen 1080P  display in a laptop chassis complete with keyboard, touchpad and battery.

The latest Samsung smartphones feature Wireless DeX and Motorola smartphones, Wireless Ready For - this enables the smartphone to be connected to the display wirelessly so you can now turn your TV into your PC - just add a Bluetooth keyboard & touchpad!

Rob KnightConsultant

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ShaiIT Manager

totally, i use Fold 3 as laptop with portable iClever.
running bVNC and Andronix (Debian)

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