SQL 2000 SP4 timeout error 1460

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I have an older server in my environment, running Microsoft SQL Server 2000 SP3, which I was trying to install SP4 on unsuccessfully.  I kept seeing 3 very bizarre symptoms, including getting "timeout error 1460" during the service pack installation.  This Article will show how I got around this issue.

I could neither install SQL Server 2000 SP4 nor any of the cumulative hotfixes (i.e., SP4 build 2187 & 2249) completely – installation kept resulting in timeout error 1460 and/or only the “tools” would update but not the DBs themselves (e.g., Master, et al).
I could not create maintenance plans (e.g., backups) for the SQL server – kept on getting SQL ServerAgent error 14258.
My Online Backup software would fail to backup the SQL server using its default SQL settings.

Then I discovered that the server was in “fiber / lightweight pooling mode” rather than in the default “thread mode”:


All my problems went away after I placed the server back into its default “thread mode”:
sp_configure 'allow updates', 1
reconfigure with override
sp_configure 'lightweight pooling', 0
reconfigure with override

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I know it’s a very old issue, but perhaps there are still people out there that could benefit from this tidbit of my experience.


Philippe Blanchard, MCSE

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