Perform a 30-30-30 reset on your Wireless Router

This article describes how to perform a hard reset on your router. Usually this is most-useful on wireless routers, but the same concept applies to nearly all home/SOHO routers. This process will return the router to factory defaults, so record your settings first because you'll need to re-enter them when the procedure is finished. In most cases all people need to do is configure the LAN IP, and the wireless security and they're done. If you have extra firewall rules, port forwarding, et al customizations made, you should probably use the built in administration tools to backup your settings and then simply import them again afterwards.

The process is essentially holding the reset switch in for 90 seconds while removing its power for the middle 30-second block.

1. Disconnect All Cables

Unplug all the network cables from the router before performing this procedure. Label them if necessary (at least mark the cable plugged into the Internet/WAN port), so you can return them to the same ports afterward.

2. Depress Reset Switch

The reset switch/button is usually on the back. Using a straightened paper clip or a toothpick with the points blunted, press and hold the reset switch. Note the time, or counting works too.

3. Remove Power

After 30-seconds, while continuing to hold in the reset switch, either turn off the power strip the router's wall wart is plugged into, or just pull the adapter plug out of the back of the router. Leave it powered off for 30 seconds.

4. Restore Power

Turn the switch on the power strip back on or plug the adapter back in. Continue holding the reset switch in for another 30-seconds.

5. Release Reset Switch

You have now been holding the reset switch in for 90-seconds and removed / restored its power source during the middle 30-second block. Release the reset switch and allow the router to boot up (usually takes 15 to 20-seconds).

6. Power Cycle Router

Plug the cables back into the proper ports while waiting for the router to boot. Now cycle the power to it one more time... either unplug the adapter from the back or toggle the switch on the power strip off again. 10-seconds is good. Power it back up, login and restore its settings.

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Now, i am not one to disagree on stuff, but i really don't think this is truely neccessary, I know I only had to hit the reset button on my linksys and it reset it all immediately.

I would suggest checking with the manufactuarer, for precise instructions on resetting the equipment.


This reset method clears variables written to NVRAM. A regular 10 to 15-second single reset often does NOT clear those variables.
tankergoblinIT Executive

How do you know your method can clear NVRAM ? and regular 10 to 15-second single reset often does NOT clear those variables.any proof to  support  your saying?

I know it resets the NVRAM simply because it is reset, every setting is factorry default, everything i changed on it, and stuff is back to the way it came from the store.

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