Why a Navigation Update?

Kasey HartEE Director of Community
I live and work in Savannah, GA as the EE Director of Community. I love to build community for EE members!
The Navigation Update will be released on the platform on August 3rd, 2022! These updates were designed to make it easier for members to connect with each other and find content you're interested in. Learn more about why we are doing this and what this means for you!
It's here🙂! We are beyond excited to announce that the EE Navigation Update will be live on August 3, 2022!

At the beginning of the year we celebrated EE’s Rebirth. We recommitted to our roots as the original technology community; and set our focus on connecting like minded people.

This year our focus is first and foremost on supporting and growing this community.
We are, and always have been, a collaborative community of technology professionals. We believe that when we work together to learn and grow we can have a positive impact in the most influential industry in the world.

I have a personal passion for facilitating conversations and connections; and I'm fascinated with the power of relationships. These are just a few of the many reasons why I am so humbled and honored to be part of the EE community, and why I cannot wait for you all to experience the improvements we have been working on!

Why are we doing this?
Our goals for the platform are simple: Foster collaboration. Encourage conversations. And improve the visibility of members and content.

After Rebirth, we knew we needed to start with the platform. It’s the home of our online community. It's where members meet each other for the first time, share advice, solve problems, and form lifelong friendships.

Because the platform is your home, we started by having conversations with leaders in the community. And the feedback from these conversations has become the centerpiece in developing the new platform experience.We have worked and reworked design and functionality to be more intuitive and make it easier to have collaborative conversations because we know you love working together.

We’ve heard many times that it can be difficult to find content you’re interested in, and to find other members who share those interests. Our top priority now is creating more visibility for members and easier access to content.

We are working to make it effortless to meet new people in your area of expertise; and we want it to be both simple and rewarding to contribute to the community in the ways that you want to. Some of you love answering questions. Others are great writers who enjoy sharing articles and blogs. We want to make it easy for you to do it all! 

How are we doing this? 
Great question!

The Navigation Update is the first release of a multi-phase project which will make iterative updates to every feature and content type on EE. We started here because we know that if you’re going to be able to engage with any of the feature updates we have in the works, they have to be easy to find.

Q&A: The first phase also has a new and improved Questions experience!Members use Q&A to engage with each other more than any other feature on EE; so we made it easier to interact with questions you have asked, as well as questions you are participating in. We also made major improvements to the notifications system so you can see activity from other members you’re working with.

What's Coming Next?
As I mentioned earlier, this will be a long multi-phase project. After the first release on August 3rd we will introduce updates to Followed Topics functionality, a new place to find questions you can contribute to, and more!

We’ll keep you in the loop as these updates are being released. Your thoughts and feedback are incredibly important to us as we endeavor to make the EE platform a healthy and vibrant home for our online community.

Please feel free to leave a comment here on this article with any thoughts or questions.
Kasey HartEE Director of Community
I live and work in Savannah, GA as the EE Director of Community. I love to build community for EE members!

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Distinguished Expert 2019


"we made it easier to interact with questions you have asked, as well as questions you are participating in" - in my humble opinion: before the update, I could see new posts to questions I participated in with 2 clicks and page reaction was fast. Now, I need 5 clicks and it takes longer for pages to appear. I prefer the old way, all notifications in one area.
Kasey HartEE Director of Community


Hey McKnife! Thank you for the feedback as that's a fair perspective. I will add this to our feedback as we will be taking this type of feedback into consideration moving forward :)

I sure hope there is more to Phase 1.  Because it has made navigation way more inconvenient.

Before, I could easily check notifications and go directly to any specific question for which I received a notification.  Now, I have to go to a separate page and only then am I able to move on to a specific question.

Also, the old notifications allowed me to directly check on questions that I was particularly interested in (and I could then check later questions I had slightly less interest in). It was all there in the notification - now it is not.  If there was a question I was particularly interested in, I could tell from the notification, and get to it right away.  Now, all I have is a generic notification that there is some kind of response to something.

The new notification page for questions compresses/rolls-up everything by default, and every previous comment more than a few lines needs to be manually expanded.  Sometimes you need context from other responses, sometimes you need to see the author's responses to questions posed by people trying to help, sometimes you need to see if an idea you have hasn't already been proposed and tried - with everything rolled up, this makes things harder unless one has an excellent memory and remembers everything about every single question. How is making people have to click to expand some, many, or all comments better?   Sigh .......

Anyway, there's more, but I've ranted enough.

Arrrr.  Get off my lawn  : )

Kasey HartEE Director of Community


hey there! all good points. I am going to message you directly because I have some follow up questions :)
Philip ElderSenior Technical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage
Most Valuable Expert 2021
Distinguished Expert 2022

Three beefs:
1: I have to click twice in order to get into the editing window when I click in to EE via an e-mail with questions listed.
2: If I go back to EDIT something I post, the edit window shows up on the right, I start typing, then the cursor jumps back to the beginning all the while I'm typing. It's annoying.
3: There are times where the endorsements or topic edit features don't show up at all.

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