Internet is slow when user is on VPN

Ryan SmithSr. Systems Engineer
When you connect to your workplace's VPN, you may not notice that you are using your workplace's servers to serve up webpages.  This might be undesirable since the workplace can log all the places you've been.  It also might be very slow to load pages because you are using your workplace server to send pages to you.  

Here is the fix.  

Open your VPN Connection
Click on the Networking Tab

Click on TCP/IP
Click on Advanced

Uncheck Use Default Gateway on Remote Network.
Ryan SmithSr. Systems Engineer

Comments (2)

I have got a client which every time he connects to VPN then sending email on pop3 account on his machine will stop.

The reason for that was the ISP of client was different from the server and obviously their mail server was different as well.

If you don't uncheck "Use default gateway on remote network", then client gateway will be the server ISP instead of his own. Thus, the client computer trying to send something through different mail server.
Ryan SmithSr. Systems Engineer


edit c:\windows\system32\etc\hosts file and add the pop server info.

try that.

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