Some important commands for Windows OS

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Commands that might help you... The following commands should run from Run (Start menu -> Run)

1. msconfig -> System Configuration Utility: Through this utility you can find the list of programs that running during startup and you can also find the services that are running. You will be having an option of enabling and disabling of startup program or service.

2. mstsc -> Remote Desktop Connection: Using this you connect to any remote machinethrough an IP or machine name.
If you are getting any error msg like connection exceeded, then you can run the following command to connect to a remote manchine.
mstsc /v:  /console

3. shutdown -s -f -> Used to shutdown the system forcibily.

4. dxdiag -> DirectX Diagonstic Tool: Using this you can find the information of your system hardware and OS. you can also troubleshoot the sound and display devices from here. and many more options...

5. perfmon -> Performance Monitor Tool: From this you can find the performance of the system and you can also store the logs and at the same time you can also trace the action done on your system.
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