SC899-00 Service Code Errors – RICOH/LANIER/SAVIN Printers

Patrick BarnhardtProgrammer Analyst
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Generally, a Service Code of SC899-00 will be caused by incorrect drivers on a Windows computer.  Ensuring you have correct drivers installed and are not using Microsoft IPP Class Drivers and are not using a WSD port, are the most common solutions. This can also apply to non-Windows clients.
At its most basic, an SC899-00 is a print data error – meaning that the printer did not understand the data that was sent to it, and rather than being able to reject the job gracefully, it caused a system error.  Most commonly this will tend to be caused by PDF documents, and often when printed from a browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge – and when the Adobe PDF browser Add-on is installed but outdated.

When the error has occurred on the printer, you will need to power the device off in order to clear the code – However be aware that as long as the computer that sent the job still has the document in its printer queue the printer will continue to error when turned on unless the Network is disconnected.  You will need to clear the waiting print job from the computer, which does mean you will need to identify the originating computer.  This will be the hardest part in large work spaces as since the machine is in an error state, you cannot check the user ID of the job, and the job log will be cleared upon reboot.

If the data error was effectively a "one off", in that it was a issue with the document itself or it was caused by a software glitch in the machine, then a reboot may clear the code and it may not re-occur when reconnected to the network. In this case you should consult your copier technicians on having the firmware updated to help avoid future issues.

If the error code continues to appear, the following processes can be followed to troubleshoot the issue:

NOTE: You will always need to shut the printer down and clear the waiting print jobs from the computer.

  1. Verify that the print driver is installed correctly, and that if you’re on a Windows device, you are not using a Microsoft IPP Class or Ricoh Class driver. I generally recommend Windows users download the RICOH Universal Print Driver, which can be found here as it will identify the model of printer and equipped accessories.  Non-Windows users, or those with specialty machines such as Pro or Wide Format printers, should look for model-specific drivers.
  2. If you are printing files from a Web browser – such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge – check to see if you have the Adobe PDF extension/add-on installed. If so, you’ll need to verify it is up to date. You may need to consult the help files for your specific browser, however generally if you remove and reinstall the extension/add-on it should be up to date.
  3. If the Adobe PDF extension is not installed or appears to be up to date and you still have this issue when printing from your web browser, I recommend downloading the files locally to your computer and installing a program such as Adobe Reader to open and print them – rather than letting the browser act as the default program for these files. If this resolves the issue, then there is likely a problem in your browser or adobe add-on/extension and you may need to install them or contact the respective support teams.
  4. If the above steps have been followed and the issue appears isolated to specific files – there may be corrupt data in that file. If it was something you downloaded online, attempt to re-download it and try it again. If there is still an issue, you may need to consult with the creator of the file.  Sometimes images or fonts can hold data the printer cannot understand, if printing from Adobe Reader you may be able to also bypass this by using the Print As Image option in the advanced settings for Adobe.

Patrick BarnhardtProgrammer Analyst
I am a Front-End Web Designer, Web Developer, Game Developer, and 3D Modeler/Animator from Charlotte, NC.

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