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Apple iTunes - Move from PC to PC

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Apple iTunes - Move from PC to PC

First login to your old PC

1. Click on File.

2. Then click Library.

3. Now open the Export Library.

4. Save the .xml file to your desktop. This file will hold all of the information about your playlists, ratings and personal settings.

5. You will need to copy this file to the new computer.

6. Now it is time to transfer all of the music files.

7. If you select Edit.

8. Click Preferences.

9. Click the Advanced Tab.

10. If 'Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder when adding to library' is already ticked you know that all of your music is stored in:

Windows XP - c:\users\username\My Music\iTunes
Windows 7 - c:\documents and settings\username\My Music\iTunes Media

Tip: The 'iTunes Media' folder is typically the folder you will want to backup.

11. If the above setting is not ticked, you may have some music files in other locations. Right-click on a couple of songs in iTunes and select 'show in windows Explorer' or 'show in finder'. This will show you where the songs are located so you can back them up and transfer.

Now time to login to your New PC

1. Open up iTunes.

2. Now select Edit and then Preferences.

3. Click on the Advanced Tab.

4. Make sure 'Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder' when adding to library is ticked.

5. Now open up the .xml file.

6. About nine (9) lines down will show you the location of the iTunes directory.

7. If you are going to move to a different operating system (e.g., Windows XP to Windows 7), then you will need to change the location of this directory; if not, you will not need to edit this file.

Windows XP - c:\users\username\My Music\iTunes
Windows 7 - c:\documents and settings\username\My Music\iTunes Media

Tip: In MS Notepad you can use edit and replace function to make of the changes quickly. Select 'find what:' and 'replace with:' and click replace all to change every path quickly.

8. Copy the saved music to new pc.

9. Now back to iTunes and select File.

10. Then click Library.

11. Click on Import Playlist.

12. Now locate the .xml file.

13. Click Open.

14. Now this will import the file into iTunes and you will be able to see your playlists, ratings and personal settings.

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Expert Comment

by:Ravi Agrawal

But I hate iTunes. Using Transcopy to manage Music / Videos for the moment on my Apple iTouch.


Expert Comment

The most easy thing you can do is just copy the whole folder.
Open Itunes on the new pc, than just overwrite the new folder with the old data.

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