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Deploy Adobe Reader 9

This article describes how to silently install Adobe Reader on multiple workstations, customize the installation options (accept EULA, remove desktop shortcut etc) using the Adobe Customization Wizard and install Adobe Reader font packs and updates. Adobe Reader will be deployed to workstations using a batch file “Install Adobe Reader.cmd” (example at the end of the article).

Lots of articles cover some of the steps.  I thought it might be helpful for others to have all the information in one place.  Feedback and comments are welcome.

Download Adobe Reader MSI, language packs and updates
First you will need to download the Adobe Reader MSI (setup) files, font packs and updates you want to install. In this example I’m installing Adobe Reader 9.3.0, Japanese Font Pack, Korean Font Pack, Chinese Traditional Font Pack and Adobe Reader 9.3.1, 9.3.2, 9.3.3 updates.

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader 9.3
Adobe Reader 9.3.1 Update
Adobe Reader 9.3.2 Update etc
Adobe Reader Font Packs

Adobe Reader Customization Wizard
The Adobe Reader Customization Wizard is a utility provided by Adobe to help customize the installation of Adobe products. The customization wizard generates a transforms file which is used when deploying the MSI file to customize installation options.

Download Adobe Customization Wizard 9

Run the Adobe Customization Wizard
Select - File – Open Package – Open the Adobe Reader 9 MSI file and select the Adobe Reader options you want.
Note: Create an empty setup.ini in the same folder as the MSI file otherwise you will get a "setup.ini not found" error from the Customization Wizard.

Installation Options
Run installation – Silently
If reboot required – Supress reboot

Destination Computer
Adobe Reader Speed Launcher: Action – Remove Value
This stops Adobe Reader Speed Launcher from being started automatically.

Desktop – remove shortcut

EULA and Document Status
Suppress display of EULA

Online and Features
Disable all updates
In Adobe Reader, disable Help – Purchase Adobe Acrobat
Disable all access
Disable Product Improvement Program to enabled
Disable Viewing of PDF with Ads for Adobe PDF to enabled

Select - File - Save Package
The Customization Wizard generates a transforms (.mst) file and .ref file and updates setup.ini. Make sure that these files are in the same folder as the MSI file you want to deploy.

Deploying Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader will be installed on workstations by using this batch file:
Install Adobe Reader.cmd
                      @Echo off
                      REM Silent install Adobe Reader using the transforms file 
                      start /wait msiexec /i "\\Server\Software$\Applications\Adobe Reader\9.3\AdbeRdr930_en_US.msi" TRANSFORMS="\\Server\Software$\Applications\Adobe Reader\9.3\AdbeRdr930_en_US.mst" /qn /norestart
                      REM Install Adobe Reader Japanese Font Pack
                      start /wait msiexec /i "\\Server\Software$\Applications\Adobe Reader\9.3\FontPack90_ja_JP.msi" /qn /norestart
                      REM Install Adobe Reader Korean Font Pack
                      start /wait msiexec /i "\\Server\Software$\Applications\Adobe Reader\9.3\FontPack90_ko_KR.msi" /qn /norestart
                      REM Install Adobe Reader Chinese Traditional Font Pack
                      start /wait msiexec /i "\\Server\Software$\Applications\Adobe Reader\9.3\FontPack90_zh_TW.msi" /qn /norestart
                      REM install 9.3.2 update
                      REM have to install updates in this order 9.3.2, 9.3.3 then 9.3.4
                      start /wait msiexec /update "\\Server\Software$\Applications\Adobe Reader\9.3\AdbeRdrUpd932_all_incr.msp" /qn /norestart
                      REM install 9.3.3 update
                      start /wait msiexec /update "\\Server\Software$\Applications\Adobe Reader\9.3\AdbeRdrUpd933_all_incr.msp" /qn /norestart
                      REM install 9.3.4 update
                      start /wait msiexec /update "\\Server\Software$\Applications\Adobe Reader\9.3\AdbeRdrUpd934_all_incr.msp" /qn /norestart
                      REM delete desktop shortcut
                      del "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\Adobe Reader 9.lnk" /q

Open in new window

Batch file notes:
Start the batch file with @Echo off to hide any command outputs from the user.
Using start /wait means that the batch file waits for each command to be executed before moving on to the next command.
Adobe reader updates need to be installed in order e.g. 9.3.1 then 9.3.2 then 9.3.3 etc.
Updates are installed using the MSIexec /update option.
The updates also re-create the desktop shortcut. Assuming that you don't want that icon visible, the batch file deletes it in the last line.
Use the MSIexec options /qn (no user interface) and /norestart (do not restart after installation).
For more MSIexec options type msiexec /? from a command prompt.

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