How to Migrate Linked Clones to Another Datastore


Linked clones help you save more space on your datastore when you create multiple virtual machines using the same master image (Parent image).

In order to create a linked clone you will need to have VMWare View composer installed on your vCenter.

If you are using VMWare View to deploy VMs, and assign to users you may have used Linked clones (View Composer). In this case a Replica folder is created which is attached to the master Clone, and it has all kind of vmx, vmdk, ... files.

When you want to migrate a VM that has a replica to another datastore, you get the following error: " A general system error occured: The virtual machine has virtual disk in link-cloned mode that prevents migration", however if the machine is offline you can migrate to another DS with no problem but it will lose the link to it's replica, and users will lose their profile settings.

A workaround for this problem is to use the Rebalance feature in VMware View, you will need to change the datastore in the Pool settings first.

0. Go to VMWare View Administration page (https://IPaddress of the connection server/admin)
1. Go to Desktop and Pools, from the left pane select the Pool which has the VMs that you want to migrate to another DS
2. Click edit/ go to datastore, deselect the current DS, and select the DS that you want to migrate the Link Cloned VMs to/ click finish
3. Go to desktop Source/ click on rebalance, Next, Next, Next, and it will migrate all the VMs to another Datastore. You can also select the VMs that you want to migrate, and Rebalance them if you don't want all the VMs in a pool to migrate to another DS.

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