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Using Dell Management Console to patch a Dell server with the SUU DVD

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Patch Management is administrated by page 129 of  the following document:

However, there are issues with Patch Management with FTP (for instance, a slow Internet connection can cause the patch sequence to fail) so this method uses the Dell SUU from

This method, when used with the user guide will allow you  to patch a server using the Dell management console, with the Dell server updates DVD.


1.  The latest Dell Server update Disc located at support.dell.com. Click Drivers and Downloads and then put your service tag in. Under the “systems management section” you will see “Dell Application- Server Updates DVD”  

2.  The Following Cab Files


Home->Dell Patch Management for Servers Home
1.  Choose 2 from above ->Download updates Catalog-> Click local storage->Navigate to the path for these two files
     a. catalog.cab
     b. pre-req.cab
2.  De-select “only if modified”
3. Click save changes
4. Click “new schedule" under the save changes button and chose one
This process can take 40 minutes with no Internet.  If you are using the Internet, it can take several hours.


Home->Dell Patch Management for Servers Home-> Inventory Collector

Choose Local Storage- Navigate a path to the prerequisite files
(Local Storage Windows) Dellinvtool_windows.cab
(Local Storage Linux) Dellinvtool_linux.cab
Uncheck only if updated
Click Save changes
Click New Schedule
Click Now
Click Schedule
This task is now running and will collect inventory information on hardware and software needed later in another step (1a, and 1b). The time for this depends on how many servers you have. It will not take as long as the catalog import.


Home->Dell Patch Management for Servers Home->Solution Global Settings
1. Uncheck “verify authenticity of downloaded dell packages”

2. (Dup- Download location) Choose local storage and navigate to the Downloaded Server update utility DVD (SUU)

3. DUP Distribution Options (Windows or Linux) – See Picture above
Choose Apply to -> Computers (Don t use quick apply)
Add Rule
I use – Exclude Computers not in- Computer list.
Click the Three Dots and add the computers you want to patch.
Click Ok
Click update results.  (Do not forget this or patch does not work)
At the very bottom, click Apply.

MAKE SURE 7.0.7270 Version of ALTIRIS agent is install on all servers using 1.1 (Readme 1.1)
You can pull new agent if pushing does not work by using

RUN COMPLIANCE CHECK - (AKA Determine Patchable servers)

    Home->Dell Patch Management for Servers Home->Patch Process 1a

1. Save Changes
2. New Schedule (Now)
3. In the lower right click add -> Computers or devices
4. Ok
5. Schedule

The task runs.

CHECK APPICABLE UPDATES By Computer. (This is just a report)


You can use the Home->Dell Patch Management for Servers Home->Manage Updates

Or you can use Manage->Tasks->System Jobs and Tasks->Software->Patch Management for Dell Servers

Stage and distribute is under the Server folder.

You may now go back to the regular user guide to finish the patch job . The basic patch job is done from the regular patch user guide.

You may then continue with the user guide on page 107

Page 129
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Patch management with the Dell Management Console may not work if the user hase no access to the internet or the internet connection is too slow. A slow internet connection could cause the Patch to fail.  Using the Dell SUU, it is sure to succeed.

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