Fix/Prevent Printer Paper Jams

Causes of paper jams:The following are the main causes of paper jams.

If the guides for the paper are not set correctly they may cause the paper to enter at an angle. You should ensure that the guides are set correctly for the paper type and are tightly aligned with the paper.
Pages Stuck together:
If the pages are stuck together the printer will not be able to lift one page at a time and more than one page will be forced into the printer. Fanning the paper before you put the paper into the printer will help solve this problem. If this does not work then the paper may be of the correct weight or quality.
Too much paper:
If there are continued problems there may be too much paper in the printer. Try to remove half the load from the printer and see if the printer performs better.
Worn out rollers:[
Rollers are used by the printer to separate the pages and pick up the paper. The rollers need to be changed every so often as the rubber wears down. Generally the rollers are changed within the usual Maintenance cycle (100,000 pages with most printers) but occasionally they need to be changed more often.
Occasionally a bad toner cartridge can cause problems with the printer. Try swapping out the toner cartridge with a new one if all else fails.

Removing Paper Jams
The following is the best procedure to remove a paper jam. It will vary slightly depending on the type of printer. Generally the printer will tell you what area the jam is in so that you can remove the blockage:

1.      Check the warning messages on the printer to determine where the jam is.
2.      Turn off the printer.
3.      Open cover.
4.      Remove all paper trays to see if there is a jam there.
5.      Remove the toner cartridge to see if there is a jam there.
6.      For any visible paper, pull on the paper with both hands being careful not to tear the paper while pulling it. If you're unable to get to an edge of the paper that allows you to pull it you may need to manually rotate the gears that feed the paper through the printer.
7.      Inspect the inside of the printer for any small bits of paper that may have torn off.
8.      Use a can of compressed air to remove any loose debris.
9.      Install all the components again.
10.      Turn the printer on and print a test page.

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