Telerik Rad Editor & equivalents localization problem on DotNetNuke

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DotNetNuke (DNN) is a leading open source web content management system (CMS) and application development framework for Microsoft .NET. Localization is an essential part of building websites, especially in countries that have more than one official language. Needless to say, DNN provides support for localization since its early version 3.0 days.

The way how DNN works for static localization is in the use of resource files. You must create a default resource file using the naming format ResourceFileName.resx. Resource files for specifically supported cultures must be named using the format ResourceFileName.Culture_ID.resx. For example, a resource file for the "English in the UK" culture might be named MyResources.en-GB.resx. As a good practice, it is recommended for each resource file to use the same name property for each resource string, with respective localized value. For example, you might have a resource with the name welcomeMessage; this resource has the value "Welcome" in a MyResources.en-GB.resx file and the value "Bienvenue" in a MyResources.fr-FR.resx file.

DNN comes packaged with the popular Telerik controls, a provider of Web Controls for .NET applications. Some of the controls include HTML Editor, Image Manager, Upload Manager, File Manager. All work fine until a second language pack is installed and set as the default. DNN is "smart" enough to auto generate resource files with the new language culture for most modules e.g. Events and Forum but forgetting the Telerik controls. Without the right set of resource files generated for Telerik controls, all labels and captions would disappear. Notice the missing button labels below.


A solution to this problem is to duplicate all resource (*.resx) files found in \Providers\HtmlEditorProviders\Telerik\App_LocalResources\* and have the new set of files appended with the newly introduced language culture as file names. E.g. from RadEditor.Dialogs.resx to RadEditor.Dialogs.en-gb.resx (assuming we are switching to en-gb localization). After we are done, all dialogs will look good once again!


Will we be seeing similar problem again if we set a third language pack as the default? Regretful to say, YES. Put this in your checklist whenever you install a new language pack.

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Nice one, do you have a fix for the Image Manager too? I'm struggling with this, maybe a simular issue? Localization is not working for this.

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