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CASE STUDY: USMC Mitigates Network Outages with Experts Exchange

Downtime reduced, data recovered by utilizing an Experts Exchange Business Account

The United States Marine Corps employs more than 200,000 active-duty Marines with operations in four continents, all requiring complex networking systems. With a relatively young and inexperienced workforce, the organization demands reliable resources to help Marines solve technology problems at installations and field sites worldwide.

Officers in the USMC use an Experts Exchange Business Account as a source of technology help that can be called upon as needed for troubleshooting assistance, research and as a historic information repository. Network problems can be corrected in a timely manner, thus minimizing outage periods.

“The information points us in the right direction and ensures the right corrective action is completed,” says Chief Warrant Officer Thomas Armentani.

CWO2 Armentani details a specific experience during his last deployment to Al Asad, Iraq.

“I used Experts Exchange to mitigate the outage period of our Microsoft Exchange environment,” explains Armentani. “Backups were corrupt and not validated, so there was a very high likelihood of data loss for end users. By using Experts Exchange to research the errors received on the Exchange server, we recovered all the information in a timely manner. Data was not lost in spite of the outage.”

Time saved, data recovered
By accessing reliable technology solutions with their Experts Exchange Business Account, the United States Marine Corps has been able to solve network problems faster and equip Marines with the resources necessary to effectively troubleshoot difficult issues.

“I would highly suggest that any/all network administrators use Experts Exchange,” says Armentani. “I am impressed with the company and the minimal cost of this superb service.”

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G-Warren. Kudos for putting this together.
Seconds younghv's comments @ great to know we are helping USMC with IT issues.

Semper Fi.
great article!  let's just hope their opposition isn't using EE !
  so is this normal for the military to give out info about their IT issues to websites?  You can find his full name, LCN number from google and make a good guess as to the question raised on EE which then tells us that the username is used by the marines.  and then we can find bits and bobs about IT and infrastructure.  
    Changing the name of the officer may have been a start.
    And this article came out after the wikileaks debacle started.
     I'm frankly amazed
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I'm amazed that you're amazed.

There is nothing remotely sensitive about any information in the Article, including the actual name of the Officer.
i love iraq this is were i live
but i didn't read the article because i have to sleep

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