Outlook 2007 error in EMSMDB32.DLL when performing search

Today I have discovered the solution to a problem that began yesterday.

Some of our client computers running Office Outlook 2007 (connecting to Exchange 2007) started crashing, when performing a search on any folder.

The error would crash Outlook and ask the user if they wish to restart. The error is reporting the problem in EMSMDB32.DLL.

After reviewing the event logs I discovered that the error began occuring after Windows Update installed the NEW version of KB2412171 (This originally caused a problem when released in December of last year and the new version also has this bug).

Uninstalling update KB2412171 from the affected machines resolved the problems immediately.

Hopefully this information will assist some of you in your troubleshooting.

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Maybe next year :)
The kb2475891 hotfixed worked for me as well
One of my users is running Windows XP with Office 2007 SP3, and is experiencing this problem.  However, I don't see KB2412171 in add/remove programs (even with updates displayed).  When I try to run the updated version of KB2412171 or KB2475891 hot fix I get the message, "Expected version of the product was not found."  Any other suggestions?
Update:  deleting the mso.dll file and letting Outlook automatically recreate it (as noted in http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/outlook/thread/905219e7-dbff-462b-a804-420bd021af2c) solved the problem.

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