How to Repair and Rebuild Entourage 2008 ?

MS Entourage is an popular and widely used email client developed by Microsoft for Mac users. Mac Entourage 2008 is the major updated version of Microsoft Office and included a many new features with advanced option to retrieve, manage, store and quick access the data. Microsoft Entourage uses a single database RGE file and separate identities to store the users data. In some situations, the entourage database gets corrupt or damaged and you encounter unwanted error messages while accessing the database. This behaviour of Microsoft Entourage database leads to significant data inaccessibility and requires Entourage Recovery Software to be sorted out, if it cannot be rebuilt as described below.

Symptoms of Database Corruption:

a) Entourage 2008 stop responding when you attempt to move or delete items from any folders.
b) Experience issues when try to run the entourage application.
c) Items of entourage database can not be opened or viewed properly.
d) Entourage crashes or freezes at the opening time.
e) Receiving blank emails.
f) Receiving messages that won't delete.
g) Incorrect contact entries are displayed.

When the above situation is encountered, you can’t continue using the database as all the important  items become totally inaccessible.


Try any of the below methods to solve the issue:

A) Rebuild Entourage 2008 Database:

You can use inbuilt database utility of Microsoft Entourage to rebuild Entourage database and to solve the corruption issues. Go through the following steps to rebuild entourage:

 i) Close all Office applications.
ii) Open Database Utility (Start Entourage while holding the OPTION key on the keyboard)
iii) Select the database that you want to rebuild (Database Utility window provides the option to select the database)
iv) Select Rebuild Database option and click on continue option to start the process of rebuilding.
v) After completion of the rebuild process, a message "Your database was successfully rebuilt." will appear on the screen
vi) Click Done.
Vii) Click Quit.

For more information, see Microsoft's instructions at

B) Repair Entourage 2008 Database:

If the above rebuild method can not help you to repair entourage database, you can use this third party Entourage repair software. This Entourage Database  Recovery tool works in all cases of entourage corruption and successfully repair and restore the database in its original state, without any changing in the data. The application is particularly designed to carry out in-depth scanning of entire Entourage database and extract all their objects such as emails, contacts, notes, tasks, calendar entries, attachments, and more. The tool is compatible with MS Entourage 2004 and 2008.

Please note that I am from the marketing team of Stellar Data Recovery, the company that develops the Entourage Recovery software.

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