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Raneesh ChitootharayilRaneesh Chitootharayil (raneeshcr)
The usage of voip service is growing at a very high speed; especially in corporate environments to cut down the cost of the normal huge telephone bills. There are many voip enabled handsets that are available. In the near future we can forget about our normal telephone carrier identity number and welcome internet numbers to represent us instead.

This article is mainly meant for those iphone / ipad users. There are many messenger services that are available and voip enabled services introduced for mobile phones. Still I would like to share my experience with some software that I have tested on my Iphone4.

Please download Skype from the Apple app store and enjoy free voice calls between Skype users. Since January 1st 2011, Skype has enabled Video call between Skype iphone 4 users. To use this, you need to create a skypeid. The sound clarity is also improved. Over 3G, its not giving a better result, on wifi it has an excellent output. Since facetime another built in app on Iphone4 has been restricted by certain countries; skype is an alternative. Only problem with skype; its ringtone volume is not audible in a noisy environment. Hope they will sort out this issue in their future updates.

Viber: Another free download at apple app store; try this; once you install this with your iphone / ipad; it gets configured automatically; there is no need to create a user id; its configured against your number;you can enjoy crystal clear sound clarity voice calls over internet between iphone/ ipad users. Viber over 3g has got a delay but voice clarity is good. Viber ringtone is quiet different and you can easily make out that it is a viber incoming call.

Tango: Another free download helps you to have video voice calls between iphone4 users. But voice clarity in a video call is not up to the mark.

There is other free software that is available like Nimbuzz and fringe which allows you to have calls between nimbuzz and fringe users respectively.  You can also configure your ordinary messenger services like google talk, msn, yahoo etc with these.
Raneesh ChitootharayilRaneesh Chitootharayil (raneeshcr)

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